I hate all the stupid f****** people at

I hate all the stupid f****** people at my school. They all just look at me like 'what the f*** are you doing here go back to your old school you f****** goth'. I think I have figured out why kids my age kill everyone at their school. Some kids are really unkind and aren't open to different types of people. Close minder people sure do suck!

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  • Stay strong, brother.

    I don't get pegged as the goth, rather the computer nerd.

    But instead I adopt 'nerd'' as a badge of pride.

    See, the sheep like to be safe, and just like everyone else. Those who are different are goats.

    I've a feeling you're one of the lucky goats...

    See, June 6, 2006, at my school there was a moral panic against my schools subcultures. They banned trenchcoats. They searched houses. They flipped s***.

    This one a******, who shall remain nameless, started approaching some of my close friends, and saying stuff like 'lol, do you worship satan?''

    I'm the real Satanist, and I dress no differently than everyone else, whilst my friends get hassled for dressing differently.

    I feel your pain.

    Forgive me if this rant was incoherent, I am typing sans sleep.

  • I was the goth.
    I was the creepy girl no one liked
    I was the one eveyrone yelled 666 at in the middle of class
    You dont need to change who you are
    You dont need to look like MM or anyone like that
    its scary
    and out of date.
    I figured it out the hard way
    trust me

  • thats how high school is just wait, college is a differ world where no one will give a f*** about ur style or nething.

  • i hated every year of high school, i got my GED and quit one year early. kids are freaking mean. but on the other hand, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. when i went back to my reunion 20 years later, not one of the cool people were there. not one cheerleader was there, guess they all got fat! Who was there? all of us regular unpopular people, successful as h***! WE HAD A GREAT FREAKING NIGHT!

  • fake people suck

  • they probably dont want to be like you. clicks all look the same. no one wants to put lipstick on every morning just to look ded to make YOUhappy. plus if your covering your real self w all that crap you got issues trying to hide something no one wants to find out. try being normal to be honest with your scoolmates about what you really are into and really look like and someone will like you. you are not a type of people you weara costume everyday. a type is like a differant race or a handicap. or mental retardation. you purposely alienate with your costume to have an excuse to name when everyone hates you bcus they did b4 you wore it and u cant figureit out to this day. maybe you p***** off a mafia kid. be human in reality instead of being in a fantasy land of withes and vampires.people want real conversation about real things.

  • listen....keep telling urself highschool is only 4 years....when its over youll prolly never see those people again....hang out with ppeople who have graduated or sumthing...trust me youll never think of those f****** again once u grad.

  • its usually people like you who end up shooting the school up...

  • I think you're the closed minded one.

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