Big Sister...

A few weeks ago I had to move back in with my older sister. We are both in our late 30s. I swear we were mixed up at the hospital because where I am athletic, lightly built frame, she’s about an inch taller, pear shaped, fat (over 370 pounds) and a bit plain, almost pretty if she gets herself all dolled up. Anyway she’s never really amounted to much professionally, but she’s a pretty good artist. On the heels of my divorce my credit is destroyed and I needed a place to land. She opened her studio apt up to me.

At first it was just the awkward trying to stay out of each other’s way. But then she decided she wasn’t going to go into the bathroom to change anymore, and soon after I stopped too. One night I got out of the shower and was looking for some clothes, digging through my laundry basket. When I found my drawers I just let the towel slide to the floor and my sister just stared at my naked body. She said I HAD to let her sketch me. Naked. I shrugged and agreed to let her.

So there I am butt ass naked while my sis does a quick pencil sketch. It took her about an hour or so. She yelled at me to hold still a couple times and I told her I’ve never modeled so just be glad she gets to have someone to sketch.

When she finished she showed me her work and I thought it was amazing. I was still naked. She touched my p**** and said it was beautiful. I agreed and started to get dressed but she stopped me and asked if there was any way she could “thank” me for my modeling “services.” I laughed but she persisted and said she would give me a hand job.

Keep in mind I haven’t had s** in a while so I agreed to let her. But after she started she asked if I wanted to up the ante and put it in her butt. I said no and that was too much but she countered I was basically just using her r***** to m*********. So next thing I know my sister’s massive panties are coming down and her big bare ass is begging me to dominate it. She handed me some lotion and I put some on my d*** and her a*** and slid in.

I don’t know what it was about that moment. The taboo maybe. But f****** my f***** sister up her fat ass was better than any of the p**** I’ve ever had.

I blew one of my biggest loads ever in her ass. It felt so good. When I pulled out a small amount of p*** covered my d*** and I didn’t even bother to wipe it off. We just lay there about 30 minutes before she said she couldn’t believe it just happened. I laughed and asked if she was hungry (as fat as she is she’s always hungry) and suggested we go get some dinner. While we were out the shame of what we did set in. We went to a place where I usually flirt with the waitress but that night I couldn’t. I had just f***** my own sister up her ass and still had her s*** on my d***. It felt so wrong and shameful.

But that night she asked if I’d sleep in the bed with her instead of on the floor. We both lay naked, spooning each other before finally she said she wanted to do it again.

So I did. And have done it every night since then. I’m horrified what my ex wife would think if she found out but at the same time I want her to know my sister’s fat ass is way better than her p**** ever was!

What the h*** is wrong with me?

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  • Had to read this after reading your update. You are a train wreck!

  • I just posted an update but I know it takes this site forever to add new posts.

    I spent Christmas with her yesterday and it was amazing. So awful but so amazing. I feel so dirty but I know I’ll do it again as soon as she’s ready.

  • My sister gave me my first b******* and pass

  • I really can't tell if people are trolling or not on this site

  • Nice way to put your sister down, "She hasn't amounted to much professionally " . You're the one moving in with her!

  • I’ve been putting my d*** in her ass for the past two weeks and you’re upset I put her down for not “amounting to much professionally.” Haha, ok man.

  • Enjoy the ride

  • Nothing wrong at all..After my divorce, I kept the house, but was, after being with the same woman for way many years, in a bit of a funk (even though the divorce was my filing). My hot older sister would visit, either spur of the moment or planned, make me dinner, and we'd just hang together and talk.

    She made me dinner one Saturday night, then told me to hit the couch, she'd clean up. I did..When she finished, she turned the living room lights off, and joined me on the couch to watch tv, curling up in my chest. Few minutes later, she leaned her face upwards, motioning for a kiss, and asked "When's the last time you were with anyone? Other than her?". I'd dated a few women, but hadn't had s** with any of them, so, it had been longer than I could take.

    We start up, kissing, as her long-nailed hands were digging into my chest and arms, and said only one word "Yes". Had s** on my couch, then, hauled her to the bedroom for hours more. I'd always seen her as a beautiful, sexy woman, and we did get along extremely well, so, we went with it, and really haven't stopped.

  • Interesting. Thank you for sharing. I know I’m not the only one out there who’s done this. I wonder a couple things though.

    Did you and your sister have conventional s**? Insomuch as you can even do that with your sister? We’ve only done a***. Vaginal hasn’t even come up. We grope and foreplay a little like regular s** but when it’s time for me to go in it’s always her butt.

    Another thought is you said you always thought your sister was sexy. I never felt that way about mine. My wife and I even used to make fun of her weight. I’ve always thought she was just a f***** who ate too much cheesecake. Now here I am counting down the minutes before I get to push her s*** in.

  • Whether it is your sister or not, putting your d*** in ass feels great--maybe the best feeling in life.

  • Incest is wrong. This should not have happened.

  • Why is it wrong?

  • I know. And I keep telling myself I’m done but every time she asks if I want to do it I can’t resist. It feels amazing. I wonder if it’s her size/body type? Maybe when I find my own place I’ll start f****** fat chicks. For now no matter how much resolve I have, at the slightest invitation I cave in. I’ve got to get my own place and this will probably stop.

  • I'm dying for more!! I have 5 sisters 3 of which are drop dead gorgeous, but when I was young, and fresh into my puberty, 14 maybe. My fattest ugliest sister told me in a random kinky conversation that she liked a***. Not just liked but preferred. Like if she didn't get a c*** in her ass during s**, it was a waste.. at 14 that made me sooo h****. I mean what a f**** s*** right?? Anyway I have fantasized about that hole ever since. 15+ years.. heard her take it through a wall a handful of times and it made me fun, and still makes me hard just thinking of her moans... question, do you ever talk down to your sister while your stuffing her dirty hole?? Does she ever speak while taking it?? And do you dump that load inside??? Eagerly Waiting for a reply. I mean listens 4 you at g. Mail if you want, we got plenty of stories to share

  • I agree. So much to talk about. I’d love to hear more about your experiences too.

  • Really happened? Strange things happen.

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