I have no friends

I sit alone at lunch. Nobody likes me, not even my own mother. She's always saying that she wishes she aborted me when she had the chance. Maybe people will notice meonce I'm dead. :-)

Jan 5, 2016

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  • "Nobody likes me and wouldn't notice if I was dead. *smiley face*"
    I'll say it again. Smiley face.

    This is why nobody takes teenage girls seriously. You need to create confusion and drama more than you need to breathe, apparently.

  • "I think you're a b**** and you should die from being eaten by rats" :)

    "I hate my life and want to kill myself so everyone will feel bad" :)

    "Your crush wanted me to tell you he thinks you're fat" :)

    Sociopathic statement + happy-face emoji, or anything psychotic verbally said through a sweet little smile = typical dumb girl "communication" Hey cnts, am I "bitter" or "negative" or "jealous" or "rude" now for calling out your bullshit? I'm SO sorry :) :) :)

  • Dear Teen,
    Don't ever harm yourself. Contact your other relatives or school guidance counselsor and let them know how you're being treated. Someone will get you help. You may also call 1-800-4-ACHILD (national child abuse hot line) and they will advise you as to what to do. Take care and let us know how things turn out.

  • She's a b****!don't listen to her..i know that you will find true friend latter in life..just don't worry about it that much.Focus on studying and so.don't lose hope!life is worth living.

  • She's a b****!don't listen to her..i know that you will find true friend latter in life..just don't worry about it that much.Focus on studying and so

  • Please don't hurt yourself. Your mother sounds cruel and you will have to try to ignore her saying s*** like that. Keep reminding yourself that you will get older and be able to get away from her for good. I think you should keep trying to make friends but don't blame yourself uf things don't work out. It is very hard to feel isolated. I have felt that way a lot in my life but eventually things turn around. Don't lose hope.

  • Don't listen to her. Watch a few videos on how to glow up and f*** those b****** and yo mom if you want u can be what you want I had this same problem the trick is to better yourself and not listen to others that don't have your best interest I believe in you and notice you ??????????????

  • Wowww

  • How would anyone notice you if you're dead? Surely you're more noticeable when you're alive?

  • Seriously, do NOT go trying to bring basic logic into this. You will lose, and will come away from this crap with a migraine.

  • Sorry about your trouble . Look up on you tube how to deal with archons. And read about Jesus words. It helped me

  • Believe in yourself - don't let others self-hate reflect onto you! Your mother is a j***; sorry but no good mother would say such a thing to a child! You're here for a reason, make the most of it! Everyday look in the mirror and say "I love everybody and everybody loves me! God Bless you!

  • Good luck. I'd let you borrow my gun if you live near me.

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