Is this how fat people feel?

Within the last day I've eaten 3 times. 2 full TV dinners and waffles for breakfast. I usually only eat once a day with at least one snack, but for some reason I had to eat every 6 hours or so. I felt empty in-between my meals and I'm not used to consuming so much in a day. That urge must be what over-weight people all the time.

Jan 5, 2016

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  • I think what you're feeling is simple hunger because your body needs calories to function. Eating once a day is most likely not enough. There are different studies of what you should eat..whether it's 3 balanced meals a day and no snacks, or 6 small meals or 3 meals and 2 snacks. But your blood sugar level fell too low and/or your metabolzing your food quickly. Keep nuts or an apple with you. And try eating every 4 hours. Even lack of sleep or lack of water can play with the feeling of being hungry, because your stomach is empty. Your urge was because of hunger. The urge for overweight people may be similar in some instances because it could be hunger and then the overeating is coping/comfort. Because food is an addiction and people eat for different reasons. Sugar is considered the crack of the food industry. It's in almost everything we eat. And you don't hear of anyone being addicted to carrots and celery.

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