Done with the jealousy!

Finally had it with my GF and told her today exactly how I felt. I have never been with a Woman that was so jealous and insecure! It didn't matter how many times I told her she was "the one" she never believed it. It got to the point that for whatever reason a Woman would speak to me in Public my GF would just freak out, and we would have these stupid arguments over it. We were at a Tourist Attraction over the Weekend and a Lady asked if I would take a Picture of her and her Family. Well don't you know my GF thought she was coming onto me by that simple act. So I got the silent treatment on the way home, and I decided then I had enough of her Jealousy BS. Of course now my Phone is blowing up with Texts from her saying what a Crud I was to her. Blah Blah Blah! So now if any Woman asks me for Directions, or maybe asks to take a Picture of her and her Friend I don't have to worry about the "cold shoulder" treatment afterwards!

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  • I had a GF like that a few years ago. She would take my phone out of my hand just to see my texts. She always thought I was cheating on her, she would call me at work just to make sure I was there. Finally I said enough and thankfully we parted ways.

  • You're definitely better off without her. She's definitely not the one. I read an article about this the other day. About how many of us just equate women who are super jealous, needy and clingy as being insecure. When really they are dealing with a mental illness - personality disorder - something like that. That when you leave or if they are not near you all the time, they feel out of control. So when I was reading your post, I thought maybe your ex really has a mental illness and is unable to control it.

  • Dump her. You don't want to live with a crazy jealous woman. Life's too short.

  • Umm. Leave her ass. She will never change. She is probably f****** around on you. Its why she is insecure thinking you would do the same. She is not "the one". You need to interact with alot of people to move in life. This will hinder you.

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