Lesbian niece..

My niece recently came out as a lesbian. Or, so she thinks. Anyway, as much as I've stated support, in her "finding herself", I cannot get over total, complete sickness and hatred of it. One, I don't buy it, and two...The very idea makes me physically sick. I haven't spoken with her in a week, and have no plans to. And yes, I have a huge problem with this gay thing with her..

Jan 6, 2016

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  • Ok this confuses me. she's a lesbian. GET OVER IT. if you're this disgusted by it, you might as well exclude her from your your life, because if she trusted you enough to tell you this, it means she thought you support her and love her. well, obviously not, because by this post, you clearly do not support her OR love her. i dont give a sh*t if you are disgusted, because she trusted you, and you let her down. to me, that's what is t r u l y repulsive.

  • So you gave her permission to be anything she wants, but gay. You made her feel safe enough to share the news with you and then you show your true colors. The real self discovery was finding out that you are really a homophobe.. And quite possibly you are gay. Because people who spend that much time and energy hating something, is typically fighting their own feelings of what they can't accept for themselves. Get over it. She's your niece. She's the same girl you have watched grow up. So she likes girls..BFD. It's not like you're going to be in the bedroom watching her with any of her gf. Would you rather her be a junkie or murderer?

  • Not me, I would love to see her and her gf in action.

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