Lesbian Fantasies About A Friend

I confess that I want to have s** with a very cute friend of mine, I live on West Coast in the Northern California area I'm 22-years old and I'm 5'6 with a curvy(not fat) build, I'm of Northern African and French ancestry so I get a lot of compliments on my looks lol. My friend is 25-years old and she's a rather interesting girl, she's been through some rough patches in life and she can seem odd but that makes her more cuter. She keeps her hair short, she's a bit of a Punk Rock type and she can seem like a typical b**** lesbian but she's not the stereotype b**** lesbian. We've been friends for a couple years now and lately I've been ACHING to have s** with her in every way possible. I've some good sexual encounters in my life, the first was in middle school when a girl who used to bully me fingered me at a sleepover and then ate me out(she was grinding on my leg and left a big wet spot there while fingering me)a friend of mine in high school showed me his d*** once and that turned into a b****** and then another girl in my senior year(who ironically was a huge b**** to me in school also) got drunk at a party I was attending and she ending eating me out in my car later on, the same friend I blew ending up popping my cherry the next day and we have a FWBs thing going on, the same girl from middle school and I have made out and 69'd and I found out she likes to be dominated and degraded by other girls(happy to oblige) and the most recent one last year I had a threesome with a two girls(sisters but not at the same time) from Texas during a vacation. It was pretty hot, they were shy and told me they had secretly wanted to have s** with another girl and thought I was cute. I let them do everything and they had fun.

Now back to my friend....she's a through and through lesbian and we've flirted a bit but nothing more. I know she's a bit of a pain s*** and she likes a*** and I'd love to have just a full week of naughty fun with her in a room. Just be able to eat her tasty looking p****, feel her c** on my fingers, use a modestly sized d**** in her ass and maybe even some strap on play. It's a fantasy I would love to live out, just once and for a whole week.

Jan 8, 2016

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  • Then there is only one thing to do...life is short

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