I want to make love to my friend's father

He's been making advances for a good few months now and I'm more than ready to accept. His wife left him and whenever we are alone we kiss each other and I give him hand jobs while he slips his hand inside my shirt to fondle my breast. That's how far we've ever gone, nothing else. I told my friend and she said she's fine with us pursuing a relationship. She's never home and says she doesn't care and she's still my friend no matter what, just never talk about it and never where she could see it. She's leaving in a week to spend time with her aunt. Her dad and I agree that it's a perfect time to hook up. Should I have s** with him and should we continue or should I look for someone younger? I really like him and the way he makes me feel but is this wrong? I am 20 by the way so the whole thing is legal.

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  • All I can say is - Lucky you
    Never got the chance to do this stuff

  • I count my blessings everyday. :)

  • Reading the comment i jave a question why is shower s** so good? And u said u were going to give him a suprize how dod that go?

  • I personally like shower s** because I just love the feeling of his wet bod pressed against mine. The water adds to the pleasure of running your hand across the body. The surprise went well. I surprised him in bed naked. I had the sheets around my waist and he couldn't get his pants off fast enough when he saw me. ;)

  • Were is ur favorite place to have s**?

  • Living room floor. :)

  • Have u ever done it in public

  • Just curious where would they go in public to have s**? :(

  • Not yet. ;)

  • Try a beach changing room or a bathroom or where a skirt and sit on his lap have his d*** go inside of u at public place it is so much of a turn on

  • I would like to try the changing room or bathroom. We talked about it and reconsidered. You seem to be an expert so what are some things to know?

  • Wear a skirt with no panties and him pants with a zipper but no boxers no lipstick and have a sweatshirt that u can cover stuff up with hope u 2 have fun

  • Thanks. I'm sure we will.

  • I have done it quit a few times in public with mf boyfriend we love the thrill of it and iys so much fun just to have s** where ever we want

  • Risqué. But I like it. I just don't think it would work for us. We go way to rough. ;)

  • How do you dress for him? do you wear anything that he likes you to leave on?

  • I definetly wear nothing as much as possible around him. But if I have to it's a tank top with no bra. I came to his house in a long coat with nothing under with nothing but his tie. He went crazy .

  • So you havent worn any stocking, kinky heels or anything like that for him?

  • No. We usually just f*** like rabbits with none of that. Are you suggesting it?

  • A pair hold up stockings and some sky high heels or boots always makes everyman go wild

  • I'll keep it in mind do they stay on all throughout s**?

  • H*** yea, makes it all the much better

  • How is the s**?

  • Hot. He's got great hands and knows to touch a girl in all the right places. He's also insanely rough. ;)

  • Insanely rough? so you take a hard pounding from him? what was the kost enjoyable way so far that he has made you c**?

  • I love it when he's rough. Oh god I cummed so hard when we slammed against a wall he picked me up and just thruster into me. I was slamming so hard against him. :)

  • Where does he c**?

  • Everywhere, all over. ;)

  • Were do u prefer it?

  • My b****** and my ass. ;)

  • In your ass?

  • H*** ya. ;)

  • I held onto his shoulders as he took my hips and thrusted them while he was banging me going inhumanly fast and so hard I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. :)

  • Does he make love to any other of your holes in the same manner?

  • No. We were thinking about it though? Any suggestions?

  • So no b*******? should try having his c*** in your mouth and him having hid way with it

  • I actually did give him one this morning when we woke up. He had to take a shower and I took off his boxers for him and I stuck it in. He loved it and was equally as rough as our first sexual encounter pulling my hair and pulling my head in deeper. After I even joined him in the shower. ;)

  • Shower s** is truely amazing

  • After we got out off the shower and proceeded to continue on the wood floor under a window. We were both soaked but it made it more fun as I rode him and he continued to squeeze the life out of my b******. He then threw me under him and went in hard.

  • Ya. Wet bodies pressed against each other. So hot. ;)

  • Do u enjoy him being in your mouth? is he a big man?

  • Huge. And I love it. Tonight when he gets home I'm going to surprise him in bed naked and sick the life out of him. Hopefully he'll do the same. ;)

  • Older men are good. Let us know if you're going to continue to see him.

  • I definetly will. He's a good one. :)

  • Sounds hot. I say go for it!

  • Do it u both want to just keep us posted and tell us what happens

  • We all ready did it all over the house. We were going so hard we almost broke a few things. ;)

  • Are you a virgin?

  • Nope. :)

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