Want to change

I want to change but the more I try the harder it gets and the more things I do wrong
I have a very high s** drive and could go on days I never seem to get satisfied.im married but have s** with everything and want more I want to get high and f*** all the time but I don't have a drug addiction because I don't do any strangely enough. I want to do bad things and I hate it I ask god to help me and to take all these desires away and I really do try but seem to fall short of doing what is right. HOW do I beat all of this why cant god hear me

Jan 8, 2016

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  • Dear Friend,
    Get into therapy so that you can get control of yourself before you lose your marriage and put yourself and wife at risk of all kinds of STDs. You can also attend S** Anonymous meetings so that you can better learn to control your urges. Take care.

  • Damn. Posts like this needs that stupod preacher that always cut and paste from the bible. Bible thumper this guy needs you. Check in bitc h!!!

  • Have a kid that will kill your s X drive and you won't have time for your own thoughts even

  • Yeah, that's a GREAT reason to create another person to raise in this sick, overstuffed world. Go get sterilized.

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