Step Dad

I hate to use the word hate. I strongly dislike my Step father. He is the most a*** ass hole (no pun intended). Everything has to be done his way. Literally everything. And if its not, then its a s*** show. Him and my mom (who by the way is the sweetest caring christian women) clean the entire house Saturday morning at the break of dawn, nothing way seem wrong with this if you're reading. but its EVERY ******* SATURDAY MORNING. The whole Saturday at the break of dawn cleaning was his idea obviously, and it involves him and my mom. Not me because I work like everyday and I just don't have the f****** time do be on his stupid f****** CLEANING THE HOUSE SCHEDULE. Hah. A couple weeks ago I had Saturday off for once and I grabbed some coffee and sat down in the living room infant of Greys Anatomy to relax. 5 minutes in he comes into the room and starts f****** dusting the walls and windows. this s*** doesn't even need to be done every week. He suddenly freaks out when my mom comes in the room calling me lazy and such. I then went to say "I'm sorry that Im not apart of your f****** every Saturday morning cleaning routine" he cut me off and FREAKED OUT. he said, "WELL SOMEBODY HAS TO DO IT YOURE SO G****** USELESS AND LAZY AND YOU TREAT YOUR MOM LIKE S***(BLAH BLAH BLAH)." my mom literally had to hold him back because she could tell even though he wasn't gonna attack me, it sure looked like it. he came to my room 1 hour later and apologized and for the first time ever I told him I'm not forgiving him this time. PS, i contribute to the house throughout the week. i do everyones laundry. i clean up after myself. and clean the kitchen if I'm the first one home from work. F*** him. f*** him and his a*** and his other a***

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  • Your step father sounds emotionally abusive. Sit down with your Mom and figure out a solution. Maybe therapy would help you to assert yourself and tell him to stop his unnecessary criticisms. In the mean time, try to avoid him annoying ways and have some fun with your friends. Trying to be a good kid is hurting your too much. Take care and let us know how you're doing.

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