If you had issues in school be prepared for this

I graduated high school with difficulty way back in 1965. Thats right I'm nearly 69 years old.

Once a month there is a luncheon of former students where I went to school. People who graduated in 1957 thru 1970 attend. We have fun and the food is great.

I thought all of my problems were behind me. Over and done with but...................

When I was putting food on my plate and getting something to drink a man who was married to a former cheerleader smirked at me. I didn't understand what he said but when I went to him and his wife the smirk was still there and his wife looked guilty.

I tried to be nice but the tension was still there.

I mean here it is fifty years later and they were talking about me behind my back saying something very derogatory.

I know for a fact that not once did I do anything to the cheerleader and I didn't recognize the now grown older man.

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  • Some people grow old without ever growing up. These people you're dealing with are among them. Be glad that you aren't.

  • I agree.

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