A Cheerleader and a Musician Pt 1

That my first time was with a famous musician. Not sure why I am posting this, I guess because all this lockdown stuff has made me nostalgic, and over the years, this memory becomes more sweet. So, I wanted to put it out there.

I graduated high school in 1981. My favourite thing in high school was being a cheerleader. I loved it. It was a ton of fun, and bonus, cheerleaders had no lack of male attention! :) Except most of that attention had one goal in mind; get into my pants at any cost. Most of the girls on my squad weren't virgins, but I never found any one I wanted to give myself to. I couldn't bear the thought of my first time being with any of the boys I knew. I figured I would probably end up regretting it. I held out.

When I was 19, I got a job at a classy hotel. I was the early morning maid. My shift was 5am to 1pm. I didn't clean rooms; instead I did things housekeeping for rooms didn't have time to do; I changed flowers in the lobby/hallways, set up for meetings or conferences, and was on call if anyone in the rooms wanted something special. Wealthy and famous guests quite often wanted things someone had to go out and purchase and I would be sent out to buy whatever that might be. A good example - we once had a guest who wanted a selection of toys for his little boy.

One morning as I arrived, the kitchen was already swamped prepping for a big, all-day event, and a guest had called down for a specific type of tea with his breakfast tray. I went out to get the tea and when I returned they handed me the tray and sent me up.

Usually, when I had to deal with a famous guest, I was told who it was. It was helpful to know so you didn't get all tongue tied or be deer-in-the-headlights. Some celebs were really annoyed by that and could be seriously grumpy with staff. But, there was no name on this ticket, just the room number, so I figured it was someone I wouldn't recognise. Well, I was wrong.

I knocked, the door opened and there stood this musician that I had a colossal crush on. I was unprepared. I lost it. I squealed 'Oh _____!' and then... I let go of the tray. I forgot I was holding it, and when I went to put my hands up to my mouth to try and silence my squeal, the tray sort of went up in the air and crashed back down - all over him and me and the floor and the door and the wall - it was the biggest mess possible.

I dropped down immediately to the floor to try and clear it up. I kept saying, 'Oh my God I am so sorry Mr ____!' I didn't want to look up to see that irritated, fed up look or an angry glare. I figured I would probably lose my job. I was pretty frantic and kept repeating, 'Oh my God, oh my God...' Then I felt his hand on my face. He lifted my chin and was staring directly into my eyes with a big smile on his face. He said it was quite alright and not to worry, that he thought it was wonderful that he had this affect on me. He said call me _____, and he helped me get everything back on the tray and brought me into the room so I could clean up. My uniform was a mess. Almost everything that was on the tray was now somewhere on me; him as well. I was mortified...

He was sweet as could be. While I was in the bathroom trying to make my uniform look like I hadn't been in a food fight, he started chatting to me. I was trying not to look at him because I was so flustered. His name kept going round and round in my head. He really was so gorgeous. When he looked at me with his big, brown eyes and strawberry blond hair falling around them I thought I was going to absolutely die.

He asked how I became a fan and what my favourite song was. I told him I had come home one day from cheerleading practice early and flipped on the TV, and there he was on a talk show, and that was me hooked. I tried to keep going, but he interrupted and said, 'Wait, wait. You're a cheerleader?' I said I used to be, but I graduated the year before, so not any more. He asked if I would be willing to something for him. I said of course. He told me he always wanted to have a date with a cheerleader and would I be willing to come back to the room and have dinner with him in my cheerleader uniform. My mind went blank. I just stood there staring at him. I said, 'I don't know what to say...' and I turned bright red. He said, 'Say yes. Would you? Please?' He looked down and HE blushed! He looked up just with his eyes like a darling little puppy. How could I refuse? So, I agreed. He said, 'Smashing! Well, (pointing at the tray) hopefully not this type of smashing. We won't be needing that again.' He laughed. And I did too.

When I left I suddenly started to panic... Where IS my cheerleading uniform? What if it didn't fit? Am I out of my mind? What have I got my self into?

I'll have to do a part 2. I hope someone out there is enjoying my memory with me. I won't say who the musician is. Maybe someone will guess. I will say if anyone does.

Feb 6, 2021

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  • When I worked as a bell hop in a major hotel in Las Vegas, I was taking some bottles of booze (quite a lot of it, way more than normal up to one of the rooms)
    When the door opened, there stood one of the most famous singers of the time, I was gob smacked.
    I gave her the bottle, she signed the ticket, then she asked me to join her for a drink. I told her I couldn't, I was on duty, she said she would fix that.
    She called down to the front desk, talked a bit, then she told me I was off for the rest of the evening, and no pay would be deducted, she would cover that.
    Turns out she was not only beautiful, but rich, and just happened to be h****, I was 20, available and thus fit the bill.
    That was the craziest, most drunken night of my life, I ended up in bed with a woman everyone knows her name.
    She said if I told anyone, she would have her lawyers cook me and feed me to some Lions at the zoo.
    Since she was naked when she said that, she might have been kidding.

    The funniest part was when I licked her p****, she kept saying "Oh boy!' Over and over. My very first black p****.

  • You learned fast...not going all verklempt with famous people is something they like. Fame doesn't change them, it changes our perception of them.
    Too many times we read of famous people getting in trouble. They get surrounded by their remoras and get cut off from the real world. Stars like Karen Carpenter and Michael Jackson are good examples.

  • Well, I didn't keep as cool as I should have. It just such a shock because I wasn't forewarned. It never happened again as long as I worked that job, but I always had a meltdown with this guy. :)

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