When I was in school I had the biggest crush on this girl named Karen. Omg, she was so beautiful and funny and smart and if I could have sold my soul to the devil to be with her for eternity I would have. The problem was she didn't know I was alive. That was partly my fault because every time I got near her my pulse when up and I couldn't breathe. I couldn't even so much as say hi to her because I was so scared. The other part was she was a cheerleader prep and I was a skater hood.

Fast forward 10 years and I have graduated college university and work in management for a large corporation in the Chicago area. I make really good money and have a nice apartment, nice expensive car, and wear nice expensive clothes. I recieved an invite for my 10 year reunion, but really wasn't planning on attending. I didn't really see a point, but my friend finally talked me into returning home if for nothing else then to see my parents.

So I plan the weekend stay and grab a flight, renting a car after I arrive. I spend Friday visiting with family and then Friday night catching up with old friends from school. We were at the local bar when I look up and see Karen sitting in the corner of the bar. She was by herself and looked to be drinking alone. I asked one of my friends about her and he told me she had just recently divorced and had been in some kind of funk refusing to talk to any, normally drinking until she passed out.

I decided to walk over and see how things were going. As I started to walk up to her, so same feelings came rushing back. Shortness of breath and pulse racing. I stepped up and tried to calm myself as I said hi to her. She looked at me and to my amazement knew who I was. I sat down and started talking to her about what she had been up to for the past 10 years. We eventually left together and continued talking at her house. Turns out she is an absolutely wonderful person who has been through so much s*** in her life that I'm surprised she's still here. She never graduated college and works part time at a convent store. Her husband beat her and screwed around on her until she finally got the nerve to leave his ass. We had an amazing night and I asked her to the reunion as my date.

The night of the reunion we mingled with friends and ended up having a good time. A few of her friends pulled me aside at the reunion and asked me what I had done to get her back to normal. I really had no idea except I just talked to her. Karen and I eventually left the reunion and went to her house where we had amazing s**. She is so beautiful and her body is extremely gorgeous. I couldn't believe I was finally having s** with the woman of my dreams. I spent the night with her and told her I had to fly back to Chicago the next day. Neither one of us wanted it to end.

Later that day I returned back to my parents house and said my goodbyes. I made my way to the Airport and decided to call Karen while I waited for the shuttle bus into the Airport. Again Karen said she wished I wasn't leaving. That's when it hit me. I asked her to co.e with me to Chicago. After a few back and forth responses of how she couldn't, I finally convinced her to join me. While she packed her bags and got a ride to the Airport, I talked to the ticket lady and got two tickets on a later flight. I'm not sure how I did it, but I'm now dating the woman of my dreams from so may years ago.

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  • Nic make sure you treat her like a queen. tell her she is a queen and you will take care of her for ever.

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