Punishing manspreaders

I don’t like manspreaders it’s disgusting and us girls shouldn’t have to deal with that but boys just won’t listen so I started punishing them. So on the bus today a boy was spreading so I asked him to stop and he just ignored me so I asked him again and he said no so I punched him in his private part and he put his hands on it and called me a b**** so i moved his hands and kneed him in his privates and then his stop got called to get off the bus so I told him if he snitched I would keep hitting him in his little man part he said he would tell my teacher so when he got up I kicked him in his parts one more time and said are you sure? And he said I won’t tell and I won’t spread please stop hitting me and I let him go. And another time when we at lunch I saw another boy spreading across from me so I asked him to stop and he said no so I kicked his nuts under the table and he instantly put his hands on his crotch but kept spreading so I kept kicking him until he left and his friend told me I messed up and shouldn’t have hit him there so I kicked him in the danglers and he dropped to the floor hand on his groin but I felt bad because he didn’t do anything so I put my hand on his privates then he got hard and I called him a pervert and grabbed his man parts and didn’t let go until he apologized. And one time a boy touched my b**** so I kicked and kneed him in his groin until he was begging me to stop so then I decided to go a bit easier on him and punch his privates instead and he was crying begging me to stop so I told him to suck it up and walked away. And I’m going easy on them because other girls put bleach and chemicals on boys privates so hitting them is a lot easier to deal with.

Mar 25

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  • Thats sexual assalut. He could have you arested. Men aren't supposed to sit with their legs closed like girls are spposed to do so why do you object to his so called manspread? Hitting him there should get you expelled from school and kicked off of the bus at lest.

  • Try doing that with me and see how fast you end up behind bars for assault.

  • You’re a c***

  • I'm a 15 year old boy and I completely support you. What they are doing is gross and they are the scum of the earth. I'm so glad you got to kick the guy that called you a b**** in the b****, he totally deserved it, nobody should talk to women like that, it's super disrespectful.

  • I'm a man and I don't want to watch that s*** either. Not only is it disgusting, but it also takes up 2 seats when they spread out.

  • I hope someone punches you real hard in face because of how offensive your face is.

  • Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Please stop.

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