As the mother of a girl, I despise little boys

Some people say this jokingly, but I truly hate little boys. They’re loud, aggressive, hyperactive, and did I mention stupid? (Seriously, little boys are dumb as rocks). My daughter is seven. Starting in pre-k she started getting bullied by little boys in class. We tried everything to get them to stop. Little boys are stupid And narcissistic. Anyway shortly before my daughter turned four, a whole group of other 3 year old boys were shoving her around. Except before I sent her to school, I gave her a little advice. I said: “Sweetie, between their legs, boys have very soft, small, vulnerable boy parts. They’re nothing like anything on your body. If you hit a boy in his boy parts, he’s going to fall down and cry, and I want to do that to any boy who bothers you.”

Well, next day I get the phone call that about 5 male preschoolers had been kicked in their boy parts by my daughter and spent most of the class curled up crying. Some of the boys moms supported my daughter and me. Most of them said that if their sons were being bothersome, they deserved it.

I will end with this: I truly hate little boys. I feel literally absolutely zero sympathy for them as they’re rolling around the ground bawling their eyes out after they p*** of my daughter. I think it’s hilarious to watch. More than my own hatred of boys, though, in talking to the mothers of the little boys she kicked, basically every one of them didn’t want a boy. MULTIPLE MOMS in anonymity said they would love to kick their son in the nuts because little boys just are the worst. That’s my rant. Let the hate flow.

Apr 28, 2020

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  • My son is 13 and I love seeing him get hit in the b****!

  • Any particular reason you needed so badly to repeat your tired old bullshit twice? Did you forget how to count or something, what with all the chemicals those nice men in the white coats give you?

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