Nut kicks

Who likes to get kicked in the b****

Mar 13, 2017

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  • I want a girl to kick me in the nuts while I were skirts and no underwear

  • Yes boiiiiiiiiii

  • I have my husband cuffed behind naked stand legs wide apart with a blindfold then I walk around giving him heaps of s*** about what he has done wrong and why he is going to get his nuts kicked I will grab his c*** and squeeze like h*** before I go quiet and drop the knee into him after he recovers I grab his nuts from behind real hard and pull him around the house backwards
    He usually tries to be obedient and nice

  • Hurt like h@$! it would ! ouch !

  • Will she do me

  • A woman I know I used to date turned out to be a dominatrix, freaky as f***, she texts me randomly to come round and I drop whatever I'm doing and make sure I'm free for her. She likes to do all sorts to me including kicking me in my b****, she starts gentle, bit of a playful tease and then kicks me hard so I'm crying out in pain. The best time was in front of her friends while they watched and laughed. Then they got on with them girly evening while I lay there unable to move until I could gather my things and leave. Wanked off hard at home!

  • Awesome.

    Me to?

  • Only sickos

  • I guess I am one of those. I'm not sure 'like' is the right word. I like to show that I submit to my wife. That total devotion to her means that I will show my sacrifice through accepting pain. So to be honest at the time it is happening I don't like it, in the bigger picture I love being totally devoted to my wife and for her to love my devotion. By way of contrast we started a married couple as very vanilla and gradually grew apart. There is nothing so soul destroying and being married but alone and isolated. As we worked on being closer it became clear that I was submissive and she was the dominant head of the house. It is not so much that she is an overt s***** but that she does enjoy a feeling of power and through that empowerment and she knows too that I like to feel that I have made an effort to submit. In a way the greater the effort the greater the bond.

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