I believe

I believe that God loves everyone. :)

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  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Losers.

  • Despite all the anti God and anti religious comments OP keep to your faith. You have the right to believe in God just as much as those who don't. God does love you and he does exist. Just think about it this way. If all the things these guys said about the Bible were true then why is it by far the most copied, sold, and read book ever. No other book comes close. Anyway you don't need to prove anything. Just keep believing in God and things will work out for you.

  • Actually, I have hard times in my life like everyone else. I have dealt with addiction in my family, death, money problems and all that stuff. I am not overly religious and I am not trying to push my religion on anyone else. Actually, I do not even attend church because everyone there is too hypocritical. I do believe in a higher power, I call it God, you may call it something different, or you may have no beliefs, which honestly makes me feel sorry for you. Faith is something that can't be argued with, so why do you people continue to insult those of us who do have faith? You are never going to convince me, or anybody else, with facts and so called proof of there no being no God. Know why? My faith is too strong to be altered ny you idiots on this site. I do not believe in every story in the bible, nor do I believe you people will go to h*** for blasphemy, I do beleive that someone greater than anyone on earth is watching out for me, so why should that p*** you off so bad?

  • yeah f*** you. if god was real hed be the biggest a****** ever. you must be one of those little p**** b****** who have a perfect life and daddy buys you diamond earrings for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    you dont know how hard life can be.

  • Look Christian, Atheist, lets not fight like this, lets come together and agree both of you are worthless pieces of inbred s*** trying to force your opinions on everyone else because of the rampant stupidity in both of you.
    I really do like making a comment that causes these things, like my tire iron comment that started this. Problem is its getting too easy to push buttons, or all of you are just getting dumber.
    Anyway, spew forth more of your pseudo-intellectual drivel, and your boyfriend on here will do likewise.

    Have Fun!

  • ^ You don't know how to read?
    Look where I said, "I used to be as deluded as you."
    It's only three lines above your post. Shouldn't be too hard.

    god doesn't exist.

  • ^Well, aren't you cool!!! How do you know so much about a religion that you don't believe in? Lot of time on your hands huh???

    To the OP: I think you are right to a degree. I don't think God loves child molesters, rapists, and cold blooded people. I think there are some evilpeople in this world who are not loved by God. But, I know I am, and you too probably.

  • Well, I was trying to be nice, but since you took it there...

    Hey OP! F*** YOU , you brain dead worthless sheep!
    When are you gonna wake the f*** up and realize that jeezuz isn't coming back for you? Your imaginary friend is nothing but a myth. Get your f****** head out of the Wholley Babble and try looking at some real facts!

    The earliest known actual copies of biblical writings date to circa. 450 BCE. (with a couple of unreliable sources saying 1,000 BCE)
    The actual written mythological sources date to circa. 5,000 BCE.

    Not a single word of the bible is an actual first hand account. They are all second hand accounts at the very best.
    Hundreds of thousands of biblical scholars have studied the books of the bible trying to determine who wrote them and no one knows. The earliest writings are not signed.

    The creation of the world - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (Multiple times and by more than 4,000 years)
    A serpent in the tree of knowledge - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    A god able to grant eternal life - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (Multiple times)
    A fiery h*** - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    Non-believers spending eternity in h*** - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    The great flood - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (By more than 1,000 years)
    The parting of the sea - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    The laws of moses - The same written laws predate all biblical writings. (By more than 1, 000 years)
    A god-man born to a human woman - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (Multiple times)
    A god-man born to a VIRGIN human woman - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (Multiple times)
    A god-man on earth with disciples - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    Turning water into wine - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    Curing the blind with spittle - Written mythology (Including spittle!) predates all biblical writings.
    Raising the dead - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    Walking on water - Written mythology predates all biblical writings.
    A god-man dying, raising from the dead and rising to heaven - Written mythology predates all biblical writings. (Multiple times)

    The israelites never “conquered” anything. The city of Jericho had been in ruins for more than 100 years before joshua was born and was deserted through his entire life. The walls had long since tumbled. The city of Ai had been deserted and was in ruins for more than 1, 000 years and was nothing but rubble throughout the whole era.

    \\"But... but.... the bible is the word of god!\\"
    No. It's not. It's the words of men.
    All of this information is readily available. Everything you read in the bible had been done by other religions before.
    All of these myths were gathered together and placed in one set of books.
    Look it up. I used to be as deluded as you.

    Yes, I am quite sure that god doesn't exist!
    / tire iron LOL

  • ^So they can't say anything about their beliefs, but you can screech yours? No offense friend, I think both sides aren't sure of anything, and I'd love to knock some freedom on the side of your head in the form of a tire iron. So let them have their belief, you still get to make fun of them, and all is right with the world.

    Thank you

  • Please keep your opinions about your invisible friend to yourself. A lot of people don't share your views of religion and would rather not have you trying to shove your make-believe fairy tales down other peoples throats.

    Thank you.

  • god does love every one we are his childrin no matter what, god bless all!

  • I believe that God finds it hard to love everyone.

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