Well everybody thinks my life is good and that im just oh so perfect but really im not. I smile because I want to be happy not because I am. Well anyways when i was younger I used to get molested and i never told ANYONE. Im still in highschool....Do u think I should tell my parents or let it be?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I didn't tell anyone until I was in high school either. It is liberating to finally tell someone and not be alone in your head any more.

  • i was there too. for years i didnt tell anyone. then when i did... it was a huge relief. turned out my best friend was there too and i was the first person she told. i cried... she cried... we spent a lot of time talking and it brought us even closer.

    all i can tell you is that you wont ever be able to really let it go until you tell someone. ive never met anyone that would have been negative toward me for it, butyou have to make sure you are telling the right person for your own sake. someone that maybe wont say anything... will just listen. i know thats what i needed.

    my problem is that i still havent told my boyfriend... even when he told me about it happening to him... i couldnt squeeze it out. its something that has to be done on your time to the right person. good luck.

  • i've never told anyone either.. different stroke for different folks. before you tell anyone, i hope you have come to terms with it cause people can either be supportive or negative. pray. helped me a lot.

  • Was also molested as a child and I'm now a junior in high school.
    I've never told anyone to their face, just to strangers on this site.
    I kinda don't want to, its like my little secret I keep from the whole world, I will tell someone one day but it has to be the right person.
    Whoever that is.

  • i'm in the same boat. except i'm not even THINKING of telling anyone. i don't want anyone's pity when i turned totally normal.

  • Tell someone. . .anyone! Get it out in the open so you can begin healing.

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