I hope you're f****** happy! You can add another tormented body to your list of people you have taken away, but not before you made them suffer beyond belief. Taking the kids mom wasn't enough, you had to take their dad as well. I hope you got some sick pleasure knowing you made their kids suffer right along with them both. You didn't even have the f****** decency to take them quickly, you just reveled in delight of knowing their kids would see them both suffer a little bit more each day. So now you are free to move on and suck the life out of more unsuspecting families. There is nothing left here, you have taken everything and given only pain and torment during your time with us.

One more thing GO F*** YOURSELF!

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  • Everyone has a day they go and how GOD allowed this for some reason that you don't understand ... maybe oneday it will make them the president or find the cure ... whatever GOD loves you no matter what ..... when you walk and see only one set of feet prints ..that means GOD is carrying you when you fall so please be patient and believe in JESUS CHRIST

  • Is this a post about cancer or about God?

  • So very sorry for your loss.

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