Can't stop

I am 17F with above average body and build and if there was a category that would fit this better I would have used it but s** is what it is and I can't stop.
It all started last November I was feeling lonely and I was on my lap top checking out CG looking to see if there was anyone I knew so I could call them and we could just talk.
Well one add under Man seeking woman caught my eye for he said he was in his 30' and he wanted to talk to someone under 20 and I sent him a message. I got a reply in about 3 minutes and he gave me his cell number so I figured no harm so I called him. We talked over two hours and he said his battery was going low so he had to go but he'd call me tomorrow. I said Kewl.
7 o'clock and my phone rang, I was laying on my bed reading and when I answered it was him Jason and we started in talking about everything then he asked if I w3as a virgin and my measurements I avoided his questions but he kept asking me and I said I don't know so he told me to get a tape measure and measure myself reluctantly I did and I told him and he let out a big wow and said really and I said yes why would I lie and then he asked if we could m********* together on cam I said no I don't have a cam but I lied and he gave me his Skype address I don't know why but I wrote it down on the inside cover of the book I was reading and set it aside and then he asked if I would mind him masturbating to over me and I said I can't see you so how would I know. You can do anything you want. and we kept talking, then he asked if we could chat rather than the phone and I said how and he gave me a private room name on Skype so I went to it and we started in chatting. Sure is a lot better than on the phone and no hot ears. LOL.
The next three nights we chatted again for about two hours and the last night he got me to m********* and man did I c** hard. He got me so aroused talking dirty to me telling me how beautiful I looked and I thought? he said by your measurements and the way you described yourself to me you got to be beautiful so I let it go at that. Well to find out I didn't know my lap top had a built in cam in it and I was showing myself to him all along so Cindy told me to put a piece of tape over it so I did.
Two days later he calls me up and asked why I quit talking to him and I told him why and he apologized to me but you said you didn't have a cam when I asked you and you said you didn't so we could just chat. And then he started in telling me how beautiful I was with my long blond hair and my body he was getting to me all over again then he started in saying if we ever got together what he would do to me and I had a o***** right on chat and he said wow babe a big one huh and I had a hard time saying just yea, I layed there catching my breath and he kept talking to me and he asked me if I would remove the tape on my camera so I did and he said your body is on fire which it was and he said he'd love to kiss every square inch of it and he kept on and on and I came again but not nearly as much, there was a time he didn't say anything then he said thanks he said he c** so hard looking at me.
For two weeks we chatted on cam on Skype and he asked if we could meet and the place he picked was near here and very public so I said ok and the very next day we met and we just talked for three hours and I said I have to go. The next day we met again but this time we went for a walk in the city park public and a lot of people around and I was enjoying his company and him mine and he asked me if we could meet Saturday morning right here lets say 10 am I thought for a minute and I said ok. We were holding hands walking along and he turned me to face him and he gave me one h*** of a kiss and I couldn't help myself I gave him a few back and that was it. We kept walking and I said I really must go and he said Saturday then and I said OK I be here at the fountain. He kissed me again and I kissed him back and we left.
Friday I didn't hear from him and Saturday it was suppose to be a bit warmer so I dressed appropriately and walked to the park to be there by 10.
About a block away this car pulled up beside me tapped it's horn and it was him and he asked me to get in he had a picnic basket and he'd like to take me up to Mt. Rainier and being the place he said it was public I agreed so I got in the car with him and my skirt rode high getting in and I plopped down into the seat litterly, he kinda laughed he said yea the seats are very low in this car then he complemented on how nice I looked today and how he loved my short pleated skirt as he placed his hand on my thigh and gave me a light squeeze. For the next 44 miles we just chatted and he had his hand on my thigh all the time except when he had to shift. Then one time he went a bit to high when he put his hand back on my thigh and he said oops and slid it down to where he was and again and after the fourth time I put my hand over his and held him right there and told CONT.

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