Making Amends for Revenge break up. confession my private stuff.

Hi there. Im James (Zethereal)
Over this last weekend my ex and I got into a huge fight. I revealed sensitive information about her that I shouldn't have and I embarrassed and pushed her away. I am here posting this to what I did to her to myself so she doesn't feel alone with embarrassing information out here.. (sorry for the bad sentence structure , grammar, ETC. Im super tired)
I've had a few online "relationships". I was young and dumb and broke up with Girlfriends IRL that lead me down a path of feeling sorry for myself, alone and desperate. I made some bad choices due to not wanting to be alone. I'm going to list them here.
1st: After I broke up with the girl i was with for six years. I was depressed and starting MMOING again. I started playing DC universe and met someone that said they were a "woman" I bought this person in game stuff and this is when I BARELY had money. maybe $40 a week IF that and im spending THIS money on this person and not even feeding myself. After like 4 weeks of this going on. This person invites me to talk on MSN telling me that they need to "show me something" after that they "showed me" a pic of themselves and it was a guy and even confirmed it on Webcam. The person then as you can guess removed me from everything.
2) I Recently played an MMO called Blade and Soul and I met a girl lets call her A.V I was lonely due to just breaking up with another girl IRL and I was trying to keep my mind focused by playing. I meet this girl and due to the attention she gave me I landed up just buying her items in the currency shop. After i woke up from my delusion I saw how nasty she was to other people and how she was really treating me. I took a step back and left. I must have spent around $380 on her.
3) Was when I was playing WoW years ago. This one was an actual girl that cleaned me out. Actually confirmed on webcam it was a girl. Got to know each other it lasted around 6 weeks. She told me one day on AIM that she only pretended to like me for my gold and like an idiot I gave it to her. This was during Vanilla WoW 400g and that was a lot back then.
4) In Blade and Soul there's these two players lets call them A and M.P . They are a off an on again couple that basically fight ( V should be able to confirm most this). M.P for a while kept saying that she liked me and had feelings and that she liked "A" and I kept telling her that I will be no third wheel. While shes talking to me on Skype and yes, just talking.. She off Cybering with "A". While she tells me she this shes starting to "love me" due to the way I make her feel and still She continues Cybering with "A" on skype. Then one day i'm at work and she tells me she regrets everything she did to me and asked me to talk to her. As soon as I did and 30 mins later she left and was "Hooking up with "A" they were basically done fighting....again....
5) Here's a great one too. When I played SWG. I met this gril and we talked everyday for 2 months it was a great clean relationship then all of a sudden she makes friends with this "new guy" totally ditches me afterwards
6) After I broke up with one of my EX and my job i had at the time was on a seasonal layoff which put me in limited funds. I went to this website and I was talking to someone named RoseBright who i gave like $400 dollars too Rose bright To and 2 more... . we had like super intimate talks and chat sessions like she KNEW lots about me LOTS and we kept scheduling to meet up she always landed flaking out Then one day she tells me she has a family emergency and needs to go to the Philippines so she "left to the Philippines" then I dont hear from her for Two weeks and then I get her message me on Meet Me that she needs money to get back home to America because she forgot money. DUMMY ME sends her the $400 and then I get a "thanks :)" then a "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Im a male" I was basically posted every where there so I was super embarrassed and terminated the account
Ask you can see, I have done a bunch of stupid s*** in my life. I am not proud of this nor have I ever told anyone this. I am here coming clean and putting myself in the public internet to make amends and to show the foolishness I've done.


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  • You have a bad habit of running into sociopaths and being fooled by evil people. I would recommend spending less time on the internet and online games. Better to keep a close-knit small group of friends that you've confirmed over years of mutual interaction with, and secondly, NEVER involve money, especially YOUR money, in just "giving" it out to people on the fly.

  • So what u planning to do? Get back to her?

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