My step daughter

I have had s** with my step daughter... She told her mother wht happened between us after I threatened to end the relationship with her boyfriend if I caught him here at the house while I was happened like this it was early morning and things had been kinda brewing between us since puberty however things didn't happen until later as I said it was early morning I went into her room because I heard her talking it was her mom and they had a disagreement about something and she was mad I assured her that it would be ok.. I asked if we could cuddle to make her feel better I felt awkward and my heart was racing with excitement. As I ly next rubbing her back I couldn't help but notice how she was lying and her p#$$@ was almost on my hand I moved a little a my hand was literally on her private she kinda welcomed it with a push towards my hand so I started to rub and it seems as though she was enjoying this I got up because it felt like I was going to fall out of the bed I moved to the other side she hiked her but in my direction I gently reached out to touch her she didn't budge as she was playing sleep so I pulled the back of her shorts to her hips and started to carress her bottom she was wett her p#$$y ran with wettness I put a finger into her no response 2 then three she must have enjoyed it because she moved in positions that made access easier. By this time I had a raging h****** I put her hand on it she took a squeeze of it and turned back to her side butt towards if she wanted me to continue rubbin her privates I whispered to her I'll be right back don't move as I didn't have a condom I went to the store got some condoms when I returned she was lying jus like I had left her...I laid behind her as I was before I put the condom on and began to rubb her p**** very good noone can sleep through that any ways after rubbing for a few min she nudged in my direction with her nice ass. My d:$% was so hard at how she responded I brought her closer to me putting myself inside her she took that d:$% into her with a deep gasp of air I paused at the way she gasped when that d:$% plunged deep inside her very wett young p#$$y I couldn't believe wht I was doing I literally had my d*** in her almost to the nuts I slowly began to move I could tell at this point she wasn't sleep she offered no resistance in fact it seem to get so much wetter during the act..I'm almost sure she loved only happened that once but sometimes I wish we could do more but I think she's afraid.

Jan 22, 2016

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  • She was not virgin at all

  • This is a joke! False story you pervert.

  • We're you popping her cherry or she is already experienced? If she was not Virgin then she not be afraid.

  • No she wasn't at all

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