Wife masturbates

My wife and I have a very active s** life. We have s** a couple times a week. She sucks my d*** 2-3 times a week not including during s**. She also masturbates. Like, she masturbates twice a day every day. Here is the kicker. She masturbates to lesbian p*** exclusively.

When we have s**, she uses her vibrator. She asked if she could get one. I wasn't about to tell her no. She got one of those wands that plugs into the wall. Very powerful tool. She likes to rub her c*** with it while I f*** her. Makes her o****** intense.

As far as masturbating, she starts it about 30 min before I wake up. She looks at lesbian p*** on her phone and doesn't mute the sound. She also doesn't go do it in the shower or something. She does it lying in bed with me next to her. All kinds of lesbian p***, but strictly lesbian. She will do it for quite a while getting herself off multiple times.

More than a few times, we will be sitting on the couch and I'll say, "Getting late. What do you wanna do?" She will say, "We can go get naked, get in bed and I'm gonna m*********. Don't worry, I'll suck your d*** baby."

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  • I love watching my chubby wife f****** her self with a d****, her fat t*** bounce as she rams her hairy c*** and I w***, when I'm about to s**** she opens her mouth to accept my s**** then I lick her smelly c***

  • That's tottaly coolio

  • That is so sexy, I love mutual masturbation. I have a female friend, we meet once a week, sit opposite each other and w*** naked. We have never f*** nut after she licks my c*** and fingers clean, I lick her c*** and she c*** again on my face

  • Have w*** watchin wife pleasure self lol

  • Your wife is sick. It is the kind of sickness that psychological medicine has little help; yes it does help but little. This is addiction; slavery to p**********. You and your wife should begin to read the gospels and ask Jesus to help you. He will. He did it for me.

  • God does not condemn s**!

  • That's f****** stupid

  • Don't be so dim witted. Your narrow mindiness is what is sick. God or not, we are all, what we set out to be, and we will do what we want. Go f*** your God.

  • No u r stupid dumb ass f*** you and leave God out of this!!!

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