Unhappily married Male, 49 with a s** drive of a 15 year old, and I'm doing something both terrible and hot. You see, I've been filming my wife while she masterbates when she goes to bed. I've asked her for years if she masturbates, and all I've gotten over the years is, "no I don't do that!" Well I've got the prove that you do, I'd like to say one day to her.
I only started filming in March, and the numbers don't lie. Six to seven day's after her period, she's looking at p*** on her phone. Getting off and rubbing her p****. It turns me on so much just to sit there, and watch her. Too bad that she always has the covers on, but I can still see when her hand slides under, and that she's viciously rubbing her c***. The best is when she c***. She raises her head of her pillow, and shutters while she c***. I'll be stocking my c***, but I don't c**. I wait till she does, and then i go watch it again. Sometimes I go through all of her videos, and make it a 30 minute j*** off session.
I know it's wrong to film her, but in my defense she has been cold for s** for quite time now, and I feel atleast I'm getting something sexual from her on a more regular basis.

Aug 4, 2019

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  • Make sure she hasn't installed a hidden camera watching you j*** of to watching her.

  • I did this and was shocked to see our 13 year old daughter sneaking into our bedroom and taking my wife's rabbit vibrator from the wardrobe. She returns it after 20 minutes.
    I haven't told my wife, I keep imagining what she looks like when using it

  • I did something similar a year ago. We sometimes look at p*** together before s**. She will say she doesn't like big d**** and that she would never cheat because she can't c** with anyone but me. Then I installed a camera and found her sleeping with other guys. One was a guy I work with and from the video he indeed has a big d***. She's f***** him a dozen times. "Left for work" and waited an hour. Saw that he came over and they were at it. So I quickly drove back home and "accidentally" walked in on them.

  • It's too bad she lied to you. I don't care if my lady plays with others... just don't lie about it!

  • Do NOT upload those videos anywhere without her permission. I only say that because I would hate to see her have you arrested for that. Being unhappily married is h*** enough, you don’t need to add a s*** storm on top of it. Enjoy the vids, let your buddies watch if that gets you off but for goodness sake don’t let them out of your control.

    Sorry to hear about your marriage. That sucks. Deciding to stay or leave is such a difficult decision, especially when you tangle it with thin finances and children. I hope you find a way to make things better. Sounds like this video thing is just you grasping for anything you can sexually enjoy in the marriage.

  • You pretty much nailed it! Thanks for the advice, but it's for my eyes and c****** enjoyment.

  • Would love to watch

  • What kind of p*** is she watching.
    Maybe you should just make it happen for her and surprise her. Have her reaction on video

  • It's hard to see the phone screen, but I have made out she likes girls and girls that are taking a big c***. I can here them moaning, and I love my wife's facial expressions when she's rubbing her c***. Made my c*** hard thinking about just now.

  • Upload those videos on pornsites for more excitement and submit the urls

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