Busted and lost

I'm a gay man in my late 40s. A much younger guy (but not a minor) needed to stay with me. He's a dear friend and had nowhere else to go. I put a spycam in the bathroom so I could watch him undress and get in the shower. After a month he found it. I've never been hated by another human the way he hates me now. I deserve it. I don't know why I would do this to someone I love. It's like he stopped being a person when I saw him on the video, just an object for my l***. The friendship is gone. We can't even look at each other. I don't know how to explain why I did it because I don't understand it myself. He thinks the camera was all part of an elaborate plan to film him. It wasn't. Worst is that he can't leave my house so we're trapped together with all these swarming emotions of mistrust and betrayal. I hate myself and want to die.

Jan 25, 2016

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  • He staying in your home, he should be happy to display himself for your enjoyment or he can be homeless.

  • I want to stay with you and you can film me (I'm a guy in my 20's). I'd want you to w*** off to my video. When I find the camera, I'll purposefully bend over and show you my a******, and my big hard d***. Then one day I'd want to catch you jerking off to the videos, and I'd bend over in front of you and let you f*** my ass whilst we watch the video. Just lick your c** out of my a****** after and spit it into my mouth. Then I'll go home to my wife ;)

  • Forgive yourself and him, and ask your friend to move out. Then get therapy for yourself in order to better understand your motives. Vow not to do this kind of thing in the future to anyone because it invades their privacy and ruins your relationship with them.

  • If he is not gay. Then appologize and explain loke what you did here. Then suprise him with some hot hookers when he gets home.

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