I was visiting a friend

He was working his second job as a clerk at a quickie mart type store when two guys drove up asking to pay for some gas. They appeared to be either drunk or very stupid. They were wearing lots of tattoos and both sported scraggly beards and dirty looking clothes.

The passenger in the car said to the driver "that boy looks like hed suck a d***".

My friend was an ex boxer and he came running out of the store challenging the idiot to a fight.

The guy who made the remark got out of the car and tried to explain he was only kidding. He put his hand in his pocket and that caused my friend to deck him. The other guy got out of the car and he was decked too.

My friend called the police and the morons were arrested for drug possession and driving under the influence. Their rattletrap of a car was towed off and I thought this was funny as H***.

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  • This situation points to the hazards of drinking and saying stupid things. Sad.

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