You are all sad people....get out of

You are all sad people....get out of the house and fix ur stupid little problems.

Boo hoo.....ur life is so bad, what a load of crap u have a roof over head u eat food ur alive what u got to complain about.

All u goth / emos are sad people who want attention so u cut urself....why dont u just kill urselfs if u hated life so much would clean up the streets atleast.

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  • ^yes^

  • Why do people like this bother to post on this site? If you don't like it, find a different one. It sounds like you are the one who wants attention!

  • You need to show some more compassion. You don't know their whole life story just because they wrote 10-20 sentences. Life is too complex for you just to make a snap judgment.

    You sound confident and strong. But life is hard. It can be h***. Someday you might find yourself at the end of your rope, needing help and support. It's not weak to want and need help. It's called being human.

    At the same time though, I do see some of your points. Sometimes people on this site should look on the bright side, and maybe they do need to take proactive steps to solve their problems. But you don't know enough about them to call their problems "stupid". It's probably very real for them at their stage of life.

    I do hope that you're more human and compassionate in everyday life than your post suggests.

  • ok, all "emos" don't cut just for the h*** of it, they usually have ligit reasons, so maybe you should get some problems and see how it feels.

  • actually, I know what you need... a little dose of KNIFE. it does wonders.

  • Get a life, since you have nothing better to do then sitting on your computer and finding people to talk s*** on, Like you don't have dumb problems. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!!!!!!!

  • tru dat pathetic goth zombies.

  • I made a serious post, that doesn't make me sad!

  • Get off the site then buddy :P

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