Oh dear, please help!

This is hard to write, and is even harder to think about but here goes!
When I was 9, my mum moved a guy in, me & my brother, met him just twice before, then suddenly he lived with us, never mind, he was a nice guy, who made mum happy.
One night after about a year or so of him living with us, he babysat me, on my own. This was when I realised, what I truely wonderful, caring, handsome man he actually was.
I crushed on him in a very big way, but he didn't seem to notice me, but my mother knew something was wrong, and packed me off to live with my real father. I was still, mad for my step-dad, but as years passed, not seeing him very often, the crush, began to ease.
Then, on my 15 birthday party, around my mums, we both stayed up, and cleared away, mum was a bit wasted, and passed out in her bed, as my emotions were all over the place, I grabbed a bottle whiskey and swilled as much as I could, my confidence grew nearly instantly.
This is where things get naughty;
As we sat and spoke, me half drunk, him tipsy, we got talking about boys, and he asked "what was my first kiss like?" I explained, I'd "never been kissed before", and spiced it up with, "know one as ever even groped me before!", he was genuinely shocked and said, "wow, I cannot believe that, you are beautiful, smart, and probably should say it, but, sexy, are the boys you know blind?", I felt, so pleased, he thought I was all those things, and excited, (was this going to be my only chance?)...
I couldn't hold my words, and blurted out, "Tom, would you be my first...kiss, I mean!?", giggling followed and the mood changed, he explained, it's a massive step, and he loves my mum, and it just couldn't happen..but I was feeling brave, and said, "know one would ever know, and it could be our little secret"I gently rubbed his knee, edging toward his groin, he started saying, "don't, please don't, it's wrong on so many levels, please, Lisa, I...i, don't think, I'll be able t..too," as my hand was on his crutch, rubbing back and forth, he finished is sentence, "resist yooooo...u" I unzipped his trouser, and whipped out his tool, in one swift motion, wrapped my eager mouth round his shaft, he blew his load almost instantly......TBC...


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  • When u need to try something new, message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • I disagree... Its informative and gives you the whole picture... Naughty girl btw and very seductive!

  • Too long no one has time to read this book!

  • This is too long! No one has time to read a novel on this site!

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