They're not my friends

Recently my Mum asked me why I don't meet up with my old school friends. We used to have such great times - shopping together, parties, we even had fun at school - that Mum can't understand how we all drifted apart.

It's really simple. We didn't drift apart. They were never my friends. I was bullied horribly and constantly at school. I couldn't walk down a corridor without being tripped or hit, I used to hide at lunch times to avoid a full hour of it.

I couldn't stand the thought of my parents knowing. It was as though them knowing would let the bullies into my home, too. So to make sure they didn't know, I made up a different life. I created friends out of the few kids who had never bullied me, and every day I made sure I had at least one funny story to tell my parents when I got home. If there was a party, I'd dress as though I was going and ride around on the bus for three hours. I made up a best friend, a crush, a boy who crushed on me...all of it.

So that's why I don't meet up with my old school friends, Mum. I didn't have any. The people you think were my friends probably don't even remember my name.

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  • that's so sad :I

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