Oops Help please, part 2

As I took his load, swollowing with joy, I felt my knickers start to moisten, and my nipples harden, he looked like he was ready to pass out, as I drank and slurped on his still rock hard member, he pulled me up by my wrists, and kissed me wildly, in a frenzy of passion, I was shaking as he pulled at my knickers, and bra, simultaneously, he undone my bra, with relative ease, almost ripping it off, then, fumbled at my hard nipples, pulling me in closer, using his other hand to slip my damp, almost sodden red panties down off my feet, he grabbed my waist and eased is c*** deep inside me, as I straddled him, excruciating pain, yet pleasure, engulfed me, as I let out a gentle groan, I slid on that pole, like I was riding a pony, craving every inch of him, as we both came close to o***** the noises, and groaning loudended around the garden, he removed his hands from my waist and b******, grabbed at my a***, clawing, stretching my skin, suddenly with what I thought was an almighty bang, he blew his load deep in my p****, as I too came, the wetness, covering my inner thigh, and his lap. We embraced and locked lips again, his tool still inside me, we stayed like that for 10-15 minutes, and his Vick was still hard, my p**** was drenched, our eyes, lips and tongues were locked the whole time.
I had liked to think we made love, in fact I know we did, our little secret though is I'm sure about to be exposed...TBC

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  • I read this comfession just now, without having read the part one.. My boyfriend is long distance and he frequently visits a female friend to see his pet ferret that she keeps at her place (his apartment won't allow pets).. As I read this I couldn't help but imagine him f****** this friend of his... Reading these words as if they was her making the confession... Tbh the thought it really turns me on.. I want to watch my boyfriend f*** another woman, just like you described!!! Xx

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