I miss her

I had a writing partner who complimented me so well. She liked my writing style, pointed out what my story's weaknesses were in an honest yet tactful way, and above all, sincerely believed in my talent. She was wonderful. She was also a friend. The kind who knew where I was coming from because her mind worked the same way. And she didn't judge. She listened, accepted, and understood.

And then it became more. It became complicated. We were both in committed relationships, in different parts of the country, and numerous other obstacles. For reasons I shall not go into, it was best that we stopped corresponding. It was the best way to disentangle ourselves from the complications, to Just stop, cold turkey.

And now I miss her. I miss her wit, her encouragement, and her reminders that, as a writer herself, she recognized my potential for greatness. Believed in it. Made me believe in it. I regret the direction it went in. I should have drawn the line, but I was weak. My ego enjoyed the stroking too much. And now she's gone from my life.

I was filling out a form today to find a new writing partner. It felt so strange. Almost wrong. Because I had the perfect writing partner once. It will take time. Each day I'll miss her a little less. I'll eventually find another writing partner, and this time keep my boundaries strong. But until then, I miss you monkey girl. You are strong and resourceful. You can do anything you set your mind to. Remember that.

I'll never forget you.

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  • Hopefully you'll meet a new soul mate writing partner in the future! ~

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