I confess to loving being GAY

Hi I am Bruce, I was born November 12th, 1962. I have a confession that may shock some, but will put to rest opinions of others.
I AM GAY! and I have been for quite sometime, I don't just like being GAY, I LOVE BEING GAY, I love being naked with other Gay men my age, I love cuddling a Chubby naked Gay man, his hot naked body against mine.

Kissing. I don't mean a kiss you give your grandmother, I mean aggressive, passionate, hard, open mouthed kissing, the kind that gets you sexually aroused, the ones that embarrasses other people, hot, wild and out off control.

Then there's it!, C***, it's the one thing I know I am truly addicted to, IT summons me, IT has stole my sole, IT has a hold over me that I can't break, .

I know there is nothing more beautiful for me, more inviting to me then an erect p****, it's so majestic, it's so powerful, it's shear pleasure, it's wonderful feel, it's warm, pulsating and oh so inviting. When I hold a hot,hard, throbbing p**** in my hand as I gently caress and stroke it, overwhelms me, it's hold over me, I just want to please it with my body and soul. I'm in a world of GAY bliss.

I love being naked, collared and willing for c*** attached to Gay, mature, older, chubby caucasian, Tops and Dominates. I just need to be on my knees holding and admiring their beautiful, hard, inviting c****, when my lips press oh so gently against it's smooth head, my whole body tingles, my own c*** twitches and throbs, I love it, kissing another man's p**** makes me glad I'm a homosexual who not only confesses to loving it, but wants to be gang banged daily, filled with c*** and c** from Handsome Older Gay Chubs.

Once I begin to perform f******,the world could pass me by, it's ok, having guys p**** in my mouth it's just heaven, I don't just suck c*** because I'm GAY, I put c*** in my mouth because I need it, it loves me, I love the feel and taste, nothing is more enjoyable to me, nothing.

From the day I first had the pleasure of gay s** I knew there was no turning back, no matter how the people in my life reacted, it was oerwhelming and something I cannot live with out, no matter what people thought of me. It's true there still is a huge stigma to being a true homosexual who only has eyes for other gay men, and the pleasures another man c*** can bring to someone like me.

Sucking c*** until o***** and the reward of a mouth or face full of c** is just one way I love to enjoy it, I also love to submit to c*** anally, lying on my back, my legs up. I absolutely love watching my men from this position as they press the head of his hard p**** against my r***** pushing ever so slowly into me.

Both of us breathing heavy I feel as centimeter by centimeter of c*** passing into me, the wonderful feeling that only two or more grown men can enjoy because we are Homosexuals and accept our place in life pleasing one another.

Slowly, deeper with every push, with every breath, pain and pleasure become one, the ultimate submission, then finally his c**** entire length, it's power and it's dominance is in me, watching my mount as he begins pumping his hard c*** in and out of my willing Gay Body, watching his face as he engages in self-indulgence with my naked gay body, his sweet sweat dripping onto me as he f**** me for his recreation and satisfaction.

When I finally realized I was truly Gay and I accepted the fact that c*** was my inevitability and that surrendering to it with my body and soul would bring to me such joy, a euphoria that I want and need. I know when I finally resigned myself to what and who I am, becoming an obedient, submissive gay bottom s** slave allowed me to get the pleasure from giving unbridled pleasure to GAY Mature, Older, Chubby, Caucasian men.

It's who I am, Bruce, GAY man who loves other mature, easy going, proud, intelligent and well grounded, chubby, dominate GAY men, who know how to use and share a homosexual c*** slave like me. No quickies for me or any man I get naked with, just hours of naked pleasure, being dominated, obeying and submitting, sweat, c***, c** and repeat, for hours or days, it's whats meant to be.

Gay Air Line Employee


???I love to hook up with Mature Gay Chub Tops.???
I belong naked on my knees worshipping C***!

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