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Im 14 years old my body don't seems that fat but i Look a little fat i mesure 150m and i Tell everyone (not my best friend ) that im 57kg but actually im 67 (i don't Look really fat sub) and yes i do a diet :5l of water in the day 2l 1in the morning and other in the night of water with a lot of lemon and i don't eat calorique things like chocolaté and chees and cakes and (this kind of things )(tuesday i do cuz i have gym) i Was really addicted to chocolate but im trying to remplace it by coffe and yes it works ... Do you think i'll lose 15killos in 3months +15 days of ramadan starting in the 18th of mars it might work



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  • Hun , you are not fat , you are a growing young man . losing weight quick is not healthy , eat lots of healthy snacks 4-5x a day and it will boost your metabolism . You will grown into it !

  • You aren't fat you are tall at 150m.

  • Dear Teen,
    Try not to focus so much on your weight. You're still growing and if you keep active and eat well, things will balance out. There is too much emphasis on weight in the world and there are much more important things to be concerned about. If this continues to bother you, get counseling for your concerns but enjoy your youth! Have fun with your friends - this is a wonderful time in your life. Take care now and let us know how you're doing.

  • Your biggest problem is your lack of education. Watch your diet and study harder.

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