Good bye and please say yes

I need advice.. I have a boyfriend and were already 7months..7 months of having a long distance relationship... In a month we only see each other 3 times in a month sometimes were not seeing each other... Last month he left because he has training in being an army he said that maybe 1year before he comes back.. And there is a guy he's been my classmate and friend for 2years he just confess to me that he likes me. And he asked me if I still love my boyfriend because were having a long distance relationship and he wants to court me. And I think that I have a little feelings on him...what should I do??



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  • Be nice to the new guy, the current one in the army will be getting s** somewhere I can assure you.

  • Everyone and me would be delighted and blahhed out to win millions in lotteries. more then a revenge but a ritual to love of god to live well. I want to say goodbye to poverty and debt and struggle and suffering. for sure for sure. for sure.

  • How about just f****** this guy anyway? You know you want to. Your boyfriend is probably f****** other girls anyway why should you be left our?

  • You should make a decision whether you want to stay with your current boyfriend or start dating someone new. Good luck.

  • U already know what u want to do

  • Think you should be honest with yourself. But before you start anything, end the relationship you are in now. It's only fair to both guys (and you) to start off fresh and honest. Will the other guy get hurt, sure..break ups are hard. But to be in a relationship to be in a relationship doesn't do anyone any good. It sounds like you need someone who is nearby that you can see and meet with more than 3x a month.

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