I am the DEVIL in human form

And it is truly bad for my health!.. no but seriously a great mass of people are convinced of this and i am starting to believe it too.... im pretty bad yes but the stories some people are telling are making me feel like a religious figure! the diety of all the evil in the world!!!! literally they find ways to blame me for every wrongdoing in life i am also an alleged mass murderer as they have "presumed" that i have killed .... yes some of the legends that surround me are quite disturbing but some are pretty funny. and somehow i have to take responsibility for all their wrongdoings because by their logic i'm "the worst" which is the glibbest? thing ive ever heard... like a legit reason to avoid responsibility for their own issues. i did not proclaim to be anything they have appointed me this title so i just have to "own it" as they say......

Feb 28, 2016

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