Love daddy

I am 19 girl we live in Canada. My mom died when I was 3, My dad raised me.
Slowly we got close to each other. Dad did not had gf never married. I felt sorry for dad.\\
One night on sat I made up my mind that I will help dad. I went to his room openthe door carefully. I wnet near his bed.I removed my cloths got naked. And went under the blanket. He was not away yet. I lay next to him. I took my hand and put it on his p****. Lucky he ws nude too. As I held daddys dik he woke up. I was wanking him. He said to me who are u? It was dark he did not see me. He asked again. I put his dik in mouth and stated sucking. An soon turn me into 69 on top of daddy. He started to lick me there. His p**** was in my mouth, When we both were ready I removed my self from daddy and put my puss on his dik and started to f*** him. He too was in motion and moaning. He took about 15 min to f** me I hade few o***** I never had that much before. He was just lay they I went to my room with out talkinh or saying any word. Next time will tell more

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  • Trolololol

  • My name is Sofia, and we live in Toronto. I'm having my dad's baby in 6 months, so you can make up your own minds.

  • I live in London. I had my dad's baby one week after my 16th birthday. I'm 22 now, and sleep in daddie's bed. He does everything I ask him to, including letting me play with myself as he licks our daughter's plump, bald slit.

  • Didn't happen. You are a man yourself and over forty.

  • Believe me, it really happened.

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