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I have good marks in my curriculum but I have no idea or the path seems to be dark whether to study further or not. I asked my parents and they are willing to let me study as many years I could. The problem is I want to take higher education from abroad and money matters. Also can you suggest me any money making masters degree in chemical engineering....

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  • Where are you currently located? For some reason, I don't get that you're in the states. Engineering of any focus is extremely needed now. Maybe your best bet would be to do some research of jobs that interest you and maybe even talk to people about the paths they took to get there. Research companies that you like as well. Internships can be extremely valuable for possible job placement in the future. Even contact schools to see what their requirements are. One other idea..maybe even look at quora.com and see if a similar question has been posted before or even post one your self. But maybe have some more specific job titles to get better answers. One other thing to consider, making money is always great. But money doesn't always by happiness or even job satisfaction. Consider doing something you will love or at least like at the end of the day.

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