Sick of materialistic women

I have a relative who was married to a serial cheater and verbal abuser for more than twenty years. She knew he cheated but stayed with him because he made good money. She finally got fed up and divorced him but constantly questions if she made the right decision because she has so many bills. Well maybe if she didn't insist on driving an expensive foreign car that keeps breaking down, and on constantly buying things she wouldn't have so many bills. She wonders why her children have no respect for her because of how long she stayed with her husband which was clearly for material reasons. I don't blame her kids for no respecting her. So many women I know stay with men who cheat and abuse them just so they can live an expensive lifestyle. It makes me sick that they are so shallow. They don't deserve anyone's respect and have no business whining and complaining when they're treated badly.


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  • My first wife and I had a fabulous marriage, unbelievable s**, swapping, swinging, orgies, and deep love for each other. Then she took a liking to one of the guy's she f***** at a swinger's party, who informed me that she wanted to see him secretly. He was very well off financially. I thanked him for telling me, then thanked him for letting me know that she made the first move by sucking his c***. I wanted to work it out, but she liked the idea of living easily and now, twenty-eight years later she is still living the easy life and all she has to do is give him all the s** he wants, whenever, wherever, and whatever he demands. But as he has told me a few times over the years, he doesn't love her, he just likes the idea of having a c**-dump to serve him.

    I may not have the financial security she wanted, but my present wife loves me unconditionally and we have been happy for over 25 years.

  • Sometimes women stay with men because of their children or their respect of their marriage. People always think that it has to do with material things. I am an idiot whom remained with the same a**hole for 35 years and then found out he had been cheating for at least 5 years. Sometimes its about caring!

  • Look, sustaining a marriage for 35 years takes more than a ton of patience as well as many other qualities & that applies to the both of you, doll.. It follows that he remained with the same a****** for the same amount of time.. Now that the rhetorical score has been evened, I prefer to imagine you not as a idiot, but a gal who trusted the man she selected to pair with for life & then discovered she'd been bushwhacked.. Then wisely, took the effort to comprehend the fundamental differences between our sexes ; that there may be many times a man has to spread his seed [s****] & also his need for the basic diversity of another woman's v***** hugging his P**** to quell his desire.. You are commended for such understanding & capacity regarding your spouse & I'm sure he loves you for it..

  • I think the poster thinks it's pretty cut and dry. And sometimes it would seem obvious, that if you are with a cheater - you would leave. Or an abuser - you would leave. And often times, we truly don't know what we would do unless you are in that position. To be verbally abused can beat someone down, just as if they were being hit physically. The money and the materials she bought (or maybe he bought her to "apologize" for his indiscretions), could very well be a substitute for love and/or self esteem. Her car isn't going to cheat on her or leave her. Or buying things just gives her a high or an ego boost, or even maybe it was her way of getting back at him. But now she's used to a certain lifestyle and developed a mindset that she deserves things and the end result is her being confused. Every woman is an individual, don't lump everyone together. This woman is a distant relative, what difference does it make for you? You're not paying her bills.

  • She may have her own reasons for not leaving him earlier. May be they were married in an era where if anything was broken, it was mended instead of throwing it out too quickly.
    When a woman is married, she marries the whole in-law family, which is literally true! May be she stayed in the marriage for her young kids, and may be she got out of marriage later for her adults kids sake.
    She could be materialistic, who knows, but for whose sake? Her own? She could have got-in to the lifestyle that she chose, thinking her kids would get it eventually.
    Remember: the coin always has two sides!
    It's complicated.

  • You raise good issues.. I can tell you're female..

  • Well the guy you are referring to in this post choose that Materislistic woman - were there really no clues there? I just believe that once you have kids things are more complicated, for example: is he abusive to just her?; or if she left would he damage the children even more during weekend visitations? This is sadly a reality some abused women have to face. Just saying I guess both parents in this story seem like failures to their children - good luck in the afterlife!

  • I should add we're talking about adult children here.

  • Two thumbs down - there may be other reasons why they stayed. MAYBE they were hoping the fathers would do the right thing by their children. A holes like you always blame the women.

  • Uh no A hole. She stayed because of her lifestyle. She didn't want to give up material things. A holes lil u think the man is one hundred percent to blame for everything.

  • ..... I don't always blame men! I have a sister in law that does the bare minimum, doesn't cook, clean, or help her children whilst staying at home for years. Although I deep down wish my brother had it better I don't judge his decisions; I just pray for the best for him. Because at the end of the day it's between him and her. Just so you know I was always the breadwinner and my ex was Materislistic and he was a guy ..... If I could turn back time!

  • Good take honey.. I give you a lot of credit as a woman for being more perceptive rather than jumping on the bandwagon to blame the man.. I hope your decision was not based on him being your brother..

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