Professor who wants to proposition student

An attractive student in my class who is failing just emailed me to ask whether there was "anything possible" she could do to avoid receiving an F. I have to confess that if I knew I could get away with it, I would insinuate to her that she could avoid an F by satisfying me sexually.

I'm toying with the idea of asking to speak with her in my office to give her the opportunity to make an offer. The thought of her sexually satisfying me right in my office is so enticing.

Mar 10, 2016

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  • I have been in this situation. I got her to write what she wanted from me. I never wrote anything back. I got her to confess something diabolical that I recorded. Then I said if she wanted something to happen she had to initiate it and communicate it to me. I gave her tutoring in return for he payment. I insisted she still learn. She passed.

  • Lets see, you are a Professor. Which means you have a lot of education behind you. I can't believe you would even have to ask a question like that!

  • You would be one dumbass teacher to even go there! Go get a h***** so you can keep your job!

  • You dumb c*** do you know how many teachers have been caught doing that have you ever considered she's setting you up this is real life not a p*** video

  • Give her the F and don't give into temptation. Yu can lose everything you ever went to school or ever worked for.

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