Not enjoying this lesbian situation.

Pam and I met at work after my marriage ended. She spoiled me with gifts and love. I fell for her and she loves me. In the beginning the bedroom was nice. She focused on my satisfaction, called me the bottom. She is not the most feminine but she is kind and tender. She helped me give her what she gave me. I treated her c******* as I like mine done. I think I give her a bit better than she gives me actually.
In time that tender love got a bit boring. I thought of my ex-husband and what he did to me. That helped me reach my goal while she went down on me. I started to want that again. The p**** missing was big for me. So we used a toy and double ended. She did not care for that. She does not care for penetration at all. His nuts would slap me when he went fast, and the toy had none of those. I don't get the feel and excitement of the rubber, that I got from his living p****.
When I ask if she would let a man join us,,, well that did not go over so well.

She questioned my love for her and my sexuality. Soon she made a quick change and begged me not to leave her for a man. She then told me that had happened to her three times. I have been satisfying my own self in the tub or in bed while she takes a shower. I want to feel a man, like my ex husband. I have thought of meeting him for s** only. he told me a women would never satisfy me. I don't care for I told you so.
I know it would make my daughter much happier. She hates our living arrangement right now.

Aug 25, 2014

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  • Your a selfish c*** your daughter hates the living arrangement but who gives a f*** right as long as your getting s** that is all you care about ?
    Your ex husband should have your daughter your not a good mom your all about you and your needs in bed close your f****** legs and be a f****** parent you C*** ! No wonder your ex left you !

  • You do know there are men out there not just your ex husband why would you go back to him for just the s** ? Clearly you both had a reason to leave him .
    Tell Pan that you want to date men and that you never said you were a lesbian to began with .
    Break up with her just like you would of she was a guy no different . But to go back to the ex husband makes 0 sense .

  • Just go f*** your ex and don't tell your lesbian lover.I feel sorry for her coz she has been hurt many times,but u simply not what she is looking for. U love big d*** and nuts and all that she just wants a good tongue,and wet p**** and nipples.Those things are not the same. If I knew where u live i would be you lover,eat your p****,suck your nipples,kiss and caress you good and pleasure you with my big black d*** all the time any time while my nuts knock u between the legs as i go fast and make u explode and and c** all over your p**** splashing my d***.

  • Think it's time for you to explore being by yourself and put your daughter first. Pam came into your life when you were vulnerable and now it's time for you to deal with the uncomfortableness of being by yourself. Regardless of what your current gf wants, needs or daughter is and should be your priority. And if the current arrangement is not working for her, then by all means you should leave. But getting back together with your ex, strictly for the s** would be even more confusing to your daughter then exploring your sexuality. She may think that you and her dad are getting back together and that's not fair, that's just selfish. Take a lover and don't live with him, and go to his place. But your daughter does not need to witness different people coming into her home. You don't have to justify your actions, but your actions don't just include you any longer. So think things through before you act on them.

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