Daddy surprise

I lost my job and was in real financial trouble, I'm 35 38dd and been told I'm prity. Well I became a prostitute and worked in a massage parlour for a while and made enough money to rent an appointment as I didn't want to work from my house.
I soon had a string of regular clients. One afternoon I got a call from a man who said I had been recommended by a friend he worked with. He asked about my tariffs and services and we agreed the price and service.
He arrived at 14:00pm, I open the door and it was my Father, both of us were surprised, he came in and I made him a drink, I was naked under a white see-through robe, so he could see what was on off. He said your mother does not give me enough at home, I should leave!! I said you still have to pay for my time, so you may as well get what you are paying for, I went into the bedroom and returned naked with a strap on d**** on and said get you f***** clothes off and kneel on the bed, he did and I f***** him roughly, telling him what a s*** father he had been and he spunked, I then made him lick my c*** that had had 5 c**** up it earlier.
He now comes over one a week to be humiliated

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  • That is one f***** up story!

  • You are one f*** up w*****. Probably gay and in the closet

  • Is this for real?

  • Oh yes he's it is

  • Please get a job so that you don't have to degrade yourself so.

  • I have a job that I love

  • Were do you work, id love to pay you for s**?

  • Birmingham Uk

  • How much do you charge?

  • Depends on what you want £40 - £150

  • Starts at £40 - £150 depending on what you want.

  • What services?

  • Straight s** £50
    Girl friend experience £60
    Hand and mouth £40
    A*** £100
    Bdsm £150
    Other requests, negotiable

  • Didn't happen but good story.

  • You would be surprised what happens behind closed doors

  • Oh it did happen, I left home when I was 16 because he was a b******. So I'm enjoying humiliating him and making him pay.

  • My South-American wife had s** with her father since she turned 16. It wasn't until 7 years after our wedding that she confided in me and told me everything. By then we were openly confessing our deepest secrets and mine was to share her with other men. (I had not interests in other women but I wanted her to f*** other guys and have threesomes. I always had been a cuckold. Also with some of my previous girlfriends). Anyway she confessed to being her father's mistress and that her mother knew and accepted it. She said that he took a long time to groom her and when she finally had s** with him she liked it and found it beautiful. It only stopped when we got married and by then she was 28 years old. So at 35 she told me and said that as I wanted her to f*** other men if I was OK to also include her father as she had always enjoyed being with him and that to be honest she would almost miss him. 4 weeks later she was on the way to a two months vacation in her country and back with her father. They are a very chatty lot so all her family was told, her 4 sisters and the closer relations. They all found it very normal, still naughty and exciting but my father-in-law is a very attractive men, a real charmer and the archetypal latino macho and casanova.
    So all is possible. I prefer the fact that this is all based on l*** and libido and not a "pay-back for old wrongdoings" scenario.

  • I've been poked by my dad since I was 8. Mum knows, but she doesn't mind because she's been riding my brother since he was 13.

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