First Mom, then daughter

I have a home repair business - much of my business is for single, divorced or widowed ladies, taking care of "Honey-Do" lists and other repairs. A few years ago I had clients who were a 72 y/o lady and her 45 y/o daughter who had a duplex. Both were very nice to look at, pleasant to talk with, and I always dreamed about "playing" with them.

One day, when I had known them for a couple of years, I was working at the Mom's apartment, she said to me - seemingly out of the blue - "you want to go to bed with me, don't you?". After stammering for a moment or two, I admitted that I certainly DID want to go to bed with her. She led me to her bedroom, where we had a very lovely couple hours of adult recreation.

A few months later, I was working at the daughters apartment, she said "you want to sleep with me, don't you?". Well, I didn't stammer as much, but I was every bit as excited to have some fun with her like I did with "Mom", and we had a nice long "play" session.

For the next two years, whenever I went there to work, there would be a "s**" session after the work was done, and they both were quite generous to give me a "tip" as well. I always kind of wanted to have them together for a threesome, but never was quite brave enough to suggest it. The s** was great as it was, and I didn't want to risk "blowing" it. For some reason, they stopped calling me and never gave an explanation. I miss them.

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