I feel ashamed.

It's is official from my wife. I now wear panties starting today. Her delivery of string bikini panties arrived by mail today. I am a shamed of myself for telling everyone but I had to say it. She tied on my first pair this evening and said I will be wearing these from now on. She hauled out all my man underwear and told me sissies wear panties. I should not admit to it but I got an erection wearing the panties which she said confirms I am a sissy. I feel like a pervert now.

Mar 10, 2016

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  • My Wife told me that she was going to feminize be and asked me how I felt about it .I told her not to tell me when she planned on doing it so she didnt.I got up one Saturday ,took a shower and when I stepped out of the shower the clothes that id laid out to put on after the shower had been replaced with a bra,panties and a pretty dress.My wife made me dress and act totally feminine from that morning on. My work is open minded and I wasnt hassled by them when I came to work on Monday as a female.Most of the women that I work with thought it was funny and all the guys started teasing and making fun of me .They acted like they didnt want anything to do with me when around any one else but when ever they were alone with me they wouldnt stop telling me how they wanted to f*** my sissy ass and wanted to know when I was going to suck their c**** .

  • The men where I worked didnt ask ,the told me that I was going to suck their c**** . I was eventually fired when a female supervisor caught me sucking a man off who didnt even work there while I was supposed to be filing papers in the basement . When I told my wife that I had been fired and why she told me that would work in my favor when interviewing for my next job .She said since I was going to be dressed like a b**** at my interviews if I didnt offer to suck their c*** I would never get hired anywhere and she was right. Every interview was the same.I was asked a few questions ,,I would offer to suck their c*** and they would tell me they would let me know if they needed someone like me and the interview was over. If they call to reinterview me they make me suck them off first then say they will let me know or offer part time work . My wife told me that if I am offered a job I have to take the job or find somewhere to live so I thank them with another b****** and do what they tell me to do and am glad to have a job .My paycheck is automatically deposited in my wifes account ,She provides me with my clothing and either takes me to work or gives me bus fare so I am there everyday on time ready to do whatever I am told to do. She says I dont need money for lunch because I should get plenty to eat while at work

  • Sounds like this is where you belong. I think you knew you wanted to become a sissy. Now you need not regret it but embrace it.

  • Yes you where right it was only the beginning. One and a half years later I am dressed as a sissy all the time now. I can only wear female clothing and she does have a boy friend now. I am not proud of my situation but I have accepted it. There is a lot more to the story which I don't have time to post. Just be carful of what your looking at on the internet and delete any trails of what you where viewing. With regrets, ashamed.

  • This is only the beginning, it won't be too long before you are in a bra, stockings, and a dress in heels.

  • Hey I'm ashamed, so I will post my shame Online. Ok man, sounds like you have been waiting your whole life for this shameful event to happen. Let us know how degraded you feel when your wife brings home her boyfriend so you can suck his c***.

  • Oh yeah I hope you like tasting another man's j***, because that's going to be next for you.

  • She will have you sucking c***,very soon. Are you up for that or she will f*** someone else and make you lick her c***

  • I hope so

  • I'm 20 with an 8in fat c***, id f*** her as you watch then you can suck my c***

  • If he doesn't want you, we do. I'm 60 my wife is 50 40dd t*** and is available for any man with a fat c***. Id love to watch you f*** her and id suck your c*** and lick her smelly spunky c***. Mark

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