I want my bestfriend back

I am a 18 yr old girl..me and my bestfriend were friends from past 8 yrs. We studied together tilk Class 12 and changed cities after it... We remained in touch and everything was normal for 6 months between us but from past one and half yrs his behaviour is deteriorating day by day. He fights with me a lot and even abuses but still we sought out the differences... Few days back wr had a figt again and i blocked him on whatsapp because i didn't want to grow the fight. After one day i unblocked him and he again calling me names i told him that it was his mistake and i expected him to realise his mistake but he insisted there was no mistake from his side. After that he said "u r of no use to me u haven't done anything for me. Go if u want to i won't stop you. I dont want to see your face and don't try to contact me ever" Then he blocked me on fb, whatSapp, Instagram etc.. Is it wrong to expect an apology from your bestfriend? He is really special to me What should i do now?

Mar 13, 2016

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  • So are you pittin' out yet?

  • I hope you have enough self-respect and a personal sense of security enough to be one of the very very few people on this earth who, upon receiving a message like that, can muster up the backbone to give your unappreciative t*** of a boyfriend the heave-ho that he so whiningly asked for. But.. most girls sit around and moan over their guy endlessly, until the very bitter end, and you'll probably be one of them, and you'll probably make up all sorts of reasons why you did... The guy's a waste of time and energy, but don't take my word for it. I doubt you would anyway.

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