Im a freak

I want to live naked and be known as naked boy. I am a hot sexy male crack slave and i love to get high in the nude and show off. I shave my entire tall tone slim body smooth and tan nude daily. I love to smoke crack and write degrading sexual phrases all over my body in sharpie markers.
f*** me, i love to suck c***, a*** slave, c** guzzler, g******* me, ect. Whatevet you can imagine.
I like to get drunk then order a big rock, smoke it in the nude like a fiend and decorate my body with such phrases, i also doll up with a s** slave belt, pink garders around my shoulders, legs just under my ass cheeks, ankles, and a studded pink collar with fake gems that says slave.
I paint my nails with glossy hot pink polish and apply slutty pink and purple blush and shadow makeup to my face.
A full pack of fairy glitter temp tats all over my body, then some gawdy shiney jewlery and pink high heels to strut the badonk adonk ass walk in.
Drunk as f*** i go out to the middle of my back yard and suck in blast after blast of crack untill my shaved numb c*** shrivels into a tiny little c*** like nub above my nice smooth ample n******.
This excites me because im completly shaved smooth from the neck down and have a full body tan from sunbathing nude. My sexy perfect lil bitchboy ass is ready to be manhandled with its inviting suggestions scribed across it and im eager to get on all fours and c*** it up high for any c*** or strap on.
Usually i just strut around my back yard untill the s*** is gone, but ive gotten soo high at times that ive jump the neighbors fence to the main road, crossed and streaked around for miles behind the apartmemts, through the cemetary, and back streets without getting caught but not giving a s*** either.
I dont know why im such a h**** lil sick perv, but i truly want to experience the joy of being a total f****** crack ho slave slutty piece of meat.
l'd like to walk onto the warm up set of a p**** orgy by a pool on a sunny day. I'd do meth and drink jack with the crowd of naked men an women untill my d*** shrunk into a teenie nub. Then dancing and oiling myself up i'd beg to be used and abused by everone as a warm up f*** slave.
"Im such a horney sperm bank s***" i'd scream while rubbing oil on my hard nipples. "Let me prove my skills", "im soo horney, look at my tiny d***, please humiliate me!!"
I would just drop to my knees after a gulp and a blast and start sucking and licking every c***, n******, c***, c***, and ass hole like a oral hungry maniac.
I just wanna be the best crack w**** ever since im tall tone skinny cute with a perfect lil ass and long flowing hair that almost reaches the small of my back.
Ive got a sexy mouth with pouty lips to boot, and i just wanna be on all fours with c**** pounding my ass and throat as my hair is being pulled violently.
The ladies could be tickeling my b**** and laughing at my tiny d***,also pushing on the mens a**** as they thrust into my gapeing holes.
l also would like to be slapped, spanked, and degraded with words by them while the train of pounding c**** pump my holes full of goo and shoot loads all over my body soaking me in spew.
Eventually i'd lay lifeless and spent, burping c** bubbles and j*** oozing from my raw gapeing butt.
Too sore to walk i'd crawl to the ladies for some rest and more degradation.
The next day i would declare myself an offical crack w**** twink and do ANYTHING to live high and naked 24/7.
omg im soo horney right now, i wish i had some delicious c**** to suck and salty b**** to lick so i could gulp down a few gallons of warm thick creamy delicious goo.
Then as a chaser after each load a hot naked b**** could spread her ass cheeks and sit on my face for me to devour and tounge f*** her ass hole.
Thats just the begining of things, i want to try everthing imaginable as a piece of meat drunk naked oiled 24/7 crack w**** nasty anything goes s*** on film, and be g********* in public while its on a big screen.
How bout being bound by my ankles and wrists standing up after a power smoke so my d*** is micro small and having buckets of fresh sperm slowly poured over my head untill im saturated in an inch thick goo glaze head to toe on a revolving stage.
Heckeling crowd, laughing as mean naked women would roughly rub it all over me while flicking and insulting my tiny nub c*** d*** and making me slurp j*** off thier dripping fingers they cram in my mouth. Damn! Thats hot!!!

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  • Oh god me too I'm smoking crack while sucking some dirty old mans c*** and he's taking pics of me and is going to post them on my Facebook page. Everyone will find out my dirty little secret because he made join a sissy exposure group on Facebook and post a message confessing I'm a c*********. God now I'm going to be on my knees every day for the rest of my life sucking c*** and I really wish I was A woman I would love to suck c*** for rock

  • Yeah! You need some grevious help.

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