I have always though my aunt would be a good f***! She's about 20 years older than me and is married to my moms brother and he's in the dark ages and a complete p****. I have access to their house and can snoop when they aren't home and I've searched but hasn't found much that turns me on. Not sure what I'm looking for but I've looked.
The other day I needed to stop there for a minute and have always been told just to walk in. I opened the door and there was my aunt scurrying away in her underwear. I caught her totally by surprise! I waited for her to get dressed and come back out and we talked a bit while she did. She came out red faced and she said well it's like seeing me in a bathing suit. I said yes and I always like seeing you in your suit since we were little kids. She looked at me strange and asked if I had time to help her with something but not today as she was busy. I said sure and left.
A few days later she called and asked if I could help her with her computer. I've helped her many times and really didn't think much about it but I had been thinking about that look she gave me a few days before.
I walked in as usual and she called from the basement so I went down. When I turned to go to the computer she was standing there completely nude. I told her she looked great and walked over. She was a bit embarrassed but I gave her a pationate kiss and run my hand down her stomach and played with her p****. She was already extremely wet and by the time she reached down for my c*** it was rock hard. She told me to take my time because she new I was alone for the day and my uncle was gone for a few days.
We walked over to the bedroom and by the time she got on the bed I was naked. I f***** her missionary for a while and she came with such force o could feel her p**** grabbing my c***. I almost couldn't hold back but she pushed me off and roled me into my back. She rode me until I couldn't take it anymore and when she saw I was close she slide off and began to suck my c*** furiously! I came in her mouth and she never hesitated and swallows the load. We both collapsed on the bed and after a while of chatting and making out we went at it again. We had s** three time that afternoon. I'm hoping she sees this and realizes I want more.
I was right, what a f***.

Mar 13, 2016

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  • I hope you got your wish and was able to f*ck your aunt on a regular basis.

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