Want kicked in the **

Yea...sums or up since age like 13 (10 yrs ago) I've wanted a chick to kick me. To this day I never even hurt my ** like ever lmao... dated 1 girl for like 6 yrs n she didnt want to so never thought as much of it til we broke up last year.

In college now (PSU) and wont lie actually thought of asking random chicks on campus. Not gonna happen tho too embarrassed so guess that's kinda good lol

Aug 29, 2020

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  • Oh wow! I used to love kicking guys in the **!!! In school I actually would like get them mad at me, so that they would call me a **, or a ** or something like that. That was my excuse to then kick them in the **. I always made sure other kids saw it. It felt so good to see them like all in pain and ** and me being all powerful. Did it many times.

  • Well you seem very excited thinking about how you used kick guys in that place lol do you miss those times?

  • In a way I do kinda, but I would never do it to like my husband of course. I kinda have graduated to just buying any kinda ** I want to buy and making him pay for it. I just love spending his money and watching him squirm but then giving him ** and all is well. lol

  • Haha you said you graduated 🎓 . So you would still do it just not to your husband. Lol thats kind of of brutal that you would do it while people were watching if other kids saw me getting kicked there that would be so embarrassing

  • Dear Webmaster...please send new posts you idiot

  • But not if they're more of this ** cranked out by drooling losers!

  • I'm pretty sure thats kind of common. He extreamly careful, you don't want to hurt yourself and possibly loose a **.

  • Just pay a girl to do it, I have several girls I know that at a drop of a message will come over to my place, strip me naked and kick my ** and **. Once I'm on the floor in pain, they usually take whatever money I've left for them in my wallet.

    Once I forgot I had spent my cash, she went mental and hit me with my belt. I took her out for dinner the next day and ** her **. Crazy chick.

  • Take baby steps. Start dating a girl, when you trust her and gain eachothers trust, tell her. I want a girl to push me around too.

  • Same ** over and over get a life

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