I'm Addicted to Gaining Weight

I love being fat and getting fatter. I have always felt too skinny, even now at close to 350 pounds. I just can't get enough fat. I want to be softer, heavier, more massive. I love the way it all feels. I love my clothes getting tighter and getting winded from even the slightest exertion. I'm left completely out of breath from just putting on my shoes and all I can think of is how I can't wait until I won't be able to even reach my feet. I love how hard it is to lift my big heavy body off the couch and how I know one day I won't be able to. I love feeling my thick rolls of flabby flesh lay on each other and the way they jiggle with the slightest movement. I love that ALL of me jiggles now, especially my gelatinous ass. I have SO much cellulite. I love feeling my now huge double chin overlapping my neck and I look forward to it eventually coming to rest in my cleavage. I love that I have cleavage. My moobs are getting so big. I can't wait until they fill my wife's D cups. She tells me they look like a C to her now. She feeds me. She likes me fat and wants me fatter. We want me fatter. I love turning her on by letting my huge belly hang out from under my shirt, my growing apron of fat hanging over my waistband, slowly drooping lower and lower. It already touches my thunderous thighs. I want it to my knees. I'm not sure if she does, but it will get there. I don't think she's quite prepared for just how enormous I need to be, how enormous I'm going to be. She jokes about me stopping before I get too fat to f*** her, but its already getting harder. There's just so much of me in the way now. I know its only a matter of time because I'm never stopping. I CAN'T stop. I'm an addict and fat is my drug. I'm too far gone. I'm a morbidly obese f****** blimp and I'm going to keep blowing myself up fatter and fatter until I pop.

Mar 22, 2016

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  • So… f******… hot… how fat have you made yourself now?

  • I’ve passed my wife’s c cups and am well into d’s. I never thought I’d be so fat.

  • So have you popped yet? Sounds like you were well on your way. Love to hear if you’ve fattened up even more and if the wife still likes it. Tell us about it!

  • Just how fat are you now?

  • How much do you weigh now? Bet the wife loves how massive you're getting

  • The more wight you gain the lest women you'll get

  • The only woman I'm getting is my wife and she can't get enough of my big blubbery rolls and huge hanging gut. S***, I stuff myself like a pig every night just to keep piling on the pounds for her.

  • Me too. Having a woman who likes her man fat is pure ecstasy.

  • You'll get too fat to fap without her help. And if she's evil, she might only pleasure you if you agree to gain even more, putting you further and further under her control.

  • Jesus Christ on a cross. Self respect....GET SOME.

  • This turned me on

  • Go for it dude. My wife feeds me too. The only problem is that I've gotten so incredibly fat that I can't reach my d*** so now that I have to sit down like a chick to pee.

  • Hehe...same here. Well, I can still kinda reach, but its just so much easier to sit. I've gotten to the point where I just hate standing and trying to aim is harder when you can't see it.

  • Let the good times... ahem... roll.

  • You shoudl seek some kind of help

  • Just think soon youll be too big to get yourself off your wife will have to lift your belly to find your junk and get you off, and to the woman below you said your husband feeds you when he comes home, ask him if hed like a 2nd feeder to help take care of you while hes at work let me know. -lovebbws

  • Good for you. I know how you feel, because I too am a big gainer, and my husband loves it. I'm near 400 pounds now and plan to get to 500 hundred. My husband force feeds me in the evening when he gets home. Such a turn on.

  • Oh yes, it is such a turn on. I must be over 600lbs & I don't want to stop. I have gained weight deliberatley & I have my husband spoil & pamper me so I gain more & more weight. It turns me on so much to see how fat I have gotten.

  • You wont like the way it feels when you get diabetes and lose a limp. Or when when you start to have major heart failure. you need to contact a doctor and a health specialist and even one for your issues, im not trying to be funny please get help

  • Please stop abusing yourself this way and get under doctor's care.

  • You should look for two plots and a large casket to bury you in now. At the rate you're going, it won't be long. If you have kids, say good bye to them now or at least explain why you can't play catch with them or go with them anywhere. And because of your size, it will cost even more to bury you because of your size. But since your wife enjoys it so much, she can figure out how to pay for your double the size funeral expenses.

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