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I'll never forget how once I got to meet you,
How once I got to believe
That you will be with me this year,
As you said you would be.

I'll never forget how you changed my mood
From discouraged to hopeful again,
How you talked to me softly,
How much I wanted to smile now and then.

I'll never forget your voice,
I'll never forget your eyes
That even from a thousand miles
Would shine as bright as the stars in the sky...

I'll never forget how you made sure
I was doing all right every day,
How much I wanted to cry when you were leaving,
How badly I wanted you to stay...

I'll never forget how you took that essay from me,
Last assignment I had to turn in,
How you said I will do good,
How you said it was in my power within.

I'll never forget how you made me feel,
How much I depended on you,
And how you took care of me
To the best you could.

I'll never forget how you helped me
Not to get behind in the class,
How you did everything for me -
What was possible and what was not.

I'll never forget how you smiled at me in the hallway -
The only time when I smiled back...
I hoped it would happen many, many times yet,
But the last one happened that day...

I'll never forget how I didn't feel pressure
Saying goodbye to you every day,
But it was different then,
And I never said the final one I had to say...

I'll never forget how I cried in the bathroom
Right after the bell ended your class,
I should apologize to you for not staying strong -
Not only should - I feel like I must.

I'll never forget how many times
You had definitely saved my grade,
And I never got to say "Thank you!"
For your fantastic contributions at the end...

I'll never forget how you gave us notes
That everyone hated - I did not,
Every activity was fun with you
But it will never be that way anymore...

And I'm trying to remember the bright side
And the amazing assistant you've been,
But I still miss you terribly,
In my heart you're always with me.

Mar 23, 2016

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