The one that got away

Ever since I first met you back in elementary I fell in love. Some say no that I'm crazy and obsessed, but they're all wrong. In middle school when I got a hug instead of a wave and a "Hi" as we smiled, my world would stop as I looked you in the eyes. When you moved away, I was sad, but somehow had to move on. I tried looking for you on MySpace back then with no luck at all. You stayed in my toughts and my heart, wondering if we'll meet again someday. After a few years I was half way done with high school. I was going through my closet and out of a box out fell a year book. I smiled as I remembered the days of middle school, but it hit me! Go to seventh graders with last names that start with L! I found you very easily. I smiled and wondered what did you look like now?..... I reached into my pocket out pulled my phone, opened up Facebook, searched your name and you were right there on the first page! Knowing it was you because you're eyes, and not the city you lived in. I had doubt because it was so unbelievable that I found you. I sent a request and immediately you accept. You asked if you knew me. I explained who I was and sure enough you remembered me right away. We talked and kinda caught up. We soon stopped, after a few months of not talking. You randomly sent a request on instagram and I sent one back. You didn't post much ever. But the fact that you sent a request made me know at least you thought of me. Add a few months after that and you start flirting with me. That made me the happiest person in the world! We talked and talked and talked some more. It started with comments to me texting you and then to phones calls till you had work and I had school. Months of talking we finally decided to go out! I'll never forget it, because you had work off on Valentine's Day and our plan was you go out that day. I brought gifts for you. The night before we had a stupid stupid argument really over nothing. So stupid I can't remember what it was. All I remember you said something I didn't like. And I like a dumbass, said "Fine, be like like. What if I can't go tomorrow!?" Both being mad we did the stupidest crap! You didn't reply and the next day I text and text you! I got nothing! Till way later. I get a phone call from you saying your boss called asking if you could work and you said yes, because what I said. Even with you leaving me with damn Valentine gifts, it didn't bother me, because I cared and loved you! What hurt me the most was you getting with your ex. Like it p***** me off where I didn't want to talk to you, lucky you stopped talking to me, but wait!...2 month's after that you text me saying you miss talking to me and just really overall miss me. I gave you attitude through some texts at first. And we talked all over again. December hit and I had money saved, saved for something we can do together and have a great time. It was for Disneyland and once again you stop talking to me. And I remember texting and saying I want to go out. But I went on vacation and you decide to text me 3 damn months after December. Saying when was the 24 hrs Disneyland day. And I said today. You reply with "Oh too bad, I really wanted to go." I will never forget my stupid rude text. "That's your damn fault, because I wanted to take you, but you stopped talking to me for your damn ex!"
Idk how my rudeness gets by you, but maybe you understood my hurt. I'll stop there because the rest of the outcome got messy when you invited me to your place. I know deep inside you'll come back, you have left my life before but you've returned. You're my soul mate, I would think about you when young and I think of you now all the time, I even cry when in bed at night. The dumb pain hurts my inside not just my heart. As much as I stayed when you did me wrong over and over again that would show you something. And the fact I still am here and will do anything on any day for you should tell you a lot. I normally never call you this as I call you by your actual name, but just know "Toni" you mean the world and more to me. If possible I would severe you the universe on a silver plater. Without you I'm a lost and hurt soul....

Sep 27, 2015

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